Thursday, November 11, 2010


                      We think fast food is equivalent to pornography,
                      nutritionally speaking.     ~Steve Elbert

    First off before I start complaining.....
    Yesterday was my best weigh in yet and it could have not come at a better time. Having a 4 Pound gain the week before was enough to make the average person throw in the towel.
    Then I spent the weekend following eating Junk..Mostly for dinner. So maybe somehow eating healthy the rest of the day off set that.I am also up and around now for the most part after my MS Flare.
    So I rid of all that water retention. That's my guess anyway. I actually had to get on the scale today just to make sure it was not a fluke.But it still read 191.5..It's even odd typing it..I think I am far enough from the 200 mark now that I don't have to worry about teetering back that way..Thank God!!!

    I was not feeling so well yesterday..I had a bit of a stomach thing early in the day and every sip of water made me feel as though I would vomit..I had laid down on the sofa and fell a sleep for quite a long time.
    I did not eat but 300 calories by 6PM and then I was starving! Jack (husband) got home and since neither of us felt like cooking and he was running out to fill my scripts. We decided on Taco Bell! I know huh?
    After just losing over 5 pounds I then decided to eat Taco Bell.. What is wrong with me??This was one of my weak moments. I just did not care..At least over the weekend. It was mainly carbs and a bit too much sodium. ( Panda Express) While Jack was out..I logged everything into my calorie counter to figure out what my calories would be..OMG..It took me from 300 up to over 1700..That is if i ate everything he ordered me. Which I didn't and I could NOT Believe how salty the food was. I have noticed that..When you eat healthy and then you go to restaurant or eat fast food..It is so dang salty!
    I am weird..When I don't feel good what I want to do it eat..I know it's odd but I have always been that way.So there you have it..Not only did I not drink all but maybe 70 Ounces of water and I had Fast Food..

    Today.....I will be making up for that..I now need to flush all that salt.
    So I will be downing me some water today!

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