Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weigh Day..Happy Thanksgiving.

I sooooo need another NEW scale..
Today was weigh day!!
I stepped on my old scale and it read 188.5 I then stepped on my NEW scale and it read the same.
I went to get my camera cause I forgot. I came back and stepped on the old and it read 189.5 and the new 189.5..How is this possible????? I know what your thinking..THE CAMERA..Nope..I set it down on the counter.
So I am gonna go with 189.5..It is still 2 pounds and I don't want to give myself that extra pound.
It will all eventually even out anyways..
Maybe by the next time I weigh I will have another scale..
What is with the inconsistency of both scales?? Plus reading the same exact thing. That is just too weird..

Well today was another day of sleep..Maybe it is the cold weather.
We are suppose to have the coldest Thanks Giving in 80 years here in Arizona.. I just love it!

In a bit I am gonna start my ccheesecake and the cranberries..
I am sorta dealing with the "where are you going this year" We don't like to drive all over the place. We pick one side of the family and switch every year. But it never fails. One side of the family always gets their feelings hurt. My husband family all lives out of state all over the place! So it is just my family that we visit on the holidays. This time it is my dad's side. They are who I am closest to.But I love all of my family.
I have not seen my family much in the last 8 months since we moved an hour away. So I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

As some of you will have seen. I don't talk about my weight loss on FB and I have not told anyone..Not a single person in my family knows about my weight loss..So I am excited to see if anyone notices anything.
Since I have seen most of my family I have lost 20 pounds.I weighed 208 pounds in May. The last time I seen my sister which was over the summer she said I looked like I had lost weight. But I told her no I was at my heaviest EVER!! You know how when you don't see someone for a while you can tell if they lost..Well that is what I am hoping for tomorrow. So we will see.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with those those they love and care about.
Don't get all worked up about what you eat.. That is my feeling anways. For some of you it may be a HUGE issue. So you may want to have a plan in place..I never eat much since it is way early for me to be eating that size of meal.

I look forward to hearing how everyone does..I know everyone will do great..

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