Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Part 2

I am really struggling today to get the water in..
Sometimes I am just not thirsty..So having to grab that jug of water just for the sake of peeing it out 20 minutes later can be a real pain.

But as with my new life. I am not giving up on the water either.
Last month I had written a blog on how I got in my water.
It consisted of drinking 30 ounces after each meal. I don't start before breakfast because I need to eat first thing when I wake up. So my last jug of water happens after dinner.
Which means at least twice I am waking up dieing to make it to the toilet.
I could slam all the water early in the day but I see no point in that and think that I should flush each meal.
I have also noticed that when I drink too much water too fast I get a headache. It could even be that I drink it cold.
I have heard that drinking water at room temperature is better. I guess your body is suppose to absorb more of it. But I think at drinking 108 Ounces a day. I am absorbing more then enough.
So if I am going to drink it. I will drink it as I like it.

I am still working on my first JUG. So it is going to be a long night!

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  1. I love ICE cold water, but trying to get in more than 120 fl oz a day, it is WAY easier to drink room temp water or semi cold but not cold cold water! I have ice water with every meal, then I am slamming back water between and throughout the day. You will get the hang of it!! :)


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