Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Dress 13 years and 35 Pounds ago!

The other day I decided it was time to clean out the garage..We have been wanting to have a garage sell and our garage is a mess..Plus it is summer here now and the cars need to get in the garage..While doing this I came across my wedding dress. Now you may be thinking..Wedding dress in the garage in Arizona?? Well right after I got married 13 years ago I had it sealed in one of those boxes..Regardless years ago I opened it..Don't waist your money. It really was just wrapped in plastic twice and double boxed which I could have done on my own for $100...
So after losing a total of 35 pounds since last summer I decided that I would try it on. My body has changed since I was 21 years old that is for sure. So I had no idea how it would fit..So if you are now in early 20's and your mom tells you that her body changes..It is TRUE with or WITHOUT having children!
So I drug the thing in the house and pressed play on my video camera..

I felt at the time that the dress fit ok..But looking back..I was stuffed into that dress!! That seamstress did everything she could to make sure that she could cover up all the bunching that was caused by my hips being so wide that the dress would not lay flat. The worst of it was in the back and was covered by the bow. Today when I tried on the dress it fit so much different!! I still love the dress if not more!

I notice a lot in  my arms..!


  1. how fun is it to try on your wedding dress??? OMG!! How fun!! I loved doing my before/current photo!! Such differences!

  2. You look lovely, then and now.

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