Monday, April 4, 2011

Weigh In...April Goals

I have not really been doing anything different but boy am I grateful!!!

Today's weigh in....176.5 It also said 176 but I will just go with the first one..
I have another scale and it too said BOTH so who the heck knows!!!!
I am happy regardless..That is another 2.5 Pounds lost this week!!!!

Thanks for all the comments on my progress photos..It really means a lot to me..
The more I look the more changes that I see..The one change that I am really happy about is that I don't have that bra fat..! I am wearing the same bra in both pictures..I also noticed that my butt changed quite a bit...Hahah..Plus the shorts got quite bigger. Many changes that I notice as Iook at the pictures..One of the things that I had noticed on my own long ago was that my stomach had shrunk up top under my breast that is also apparent in the photos..Plus my boobs really deflated..I was shocked about that when I did my measurements!! But wow you can really see that in my pictures!!!
So I will probably wait another 2-3 months and then I will take more pictures..Doing it every month for me just is not enough..I don't want to sit and have to squint hoping to see change..yah know!


Lose 10 Pounds...I can do this!!!!
Treadmill 20 minutes a day 3 days a week..I have a tread climber at 10-20%.It's a workout!
Upper Body with weights/Lower Body. Alternating by day
Continue to eat clean...BUY THE BOOK!!!!

These goals are ones that I can stick too..In the past I make goals that are so far out of my reach or send my MS in to a flare..So I am going with this! If I can handle more I will do more!
Last night I did arms with 3LB weights and I felt great just because I did it! I did 3 sets of 15 and trust me I felt it..I almost bought the 5Lb..I have 5LB..I have every pound..But I wanted the pretty pink weights..Haha..So I bought pretty pink 3Lb weights and trust me they are enough for me right now..


  1. You can do anything you set your mind 10lbs it shall be for April....:)

  2. 10 lbs in a month is a great goal. I'm not that ambitious. LOL.


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