Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reaching Goal??


Thankfully it seems the 80's are gone for good!!!      HALLELUJAH!!!!

When I went that full month without weighing and did not lose a single pound I said from then on that I did not care when weighed! I don't care if I weigh once a day, once a week, or twice a day!
Just as long as I NEVER NEVER go without weighing for a long period of time again..
For me keeping track of what my weight is on an ongoing basis seems to be what works for me..
It is not for everyone..I am not obsessed with it..I left 2 scales in my house for 30 days and did not touch either one of them..So I don't have an issue with scales..I just get on it whenever I have that feeling that I want to know what my weight is!
So I stepped on it yesterday and it read 177.5 That is 1.5 pounds down from Monday..Today it was at 178
So I think as long as I keep doing what I am doing I will get out of the 70's very soon!
I don't think that it will take me as long as the 80's did!!!!
especially since I am going to be adding in some weights which I did not do any of last month!
Just light weights!! Nothing too heavy..I don't want to over-do it then my fatigue gets out of control and I am right back where I started..

For some reason I started thinking about something today and I really far away from this so I don't know why...
What happens when you reach goal??
I mean do you then just keep working towards becoming more toned? My original goal was to get to 140..But I can easily see getting to 140 and not being happy with that and constantly trying to lower that number and it being this vicious cycle! Almost becoming an addiction..I can see that happening!
I am sure that happens for many people..Wanting to see how much they can lose and never being happy with the number on the scale..I have lost 25 pounds but yet when I see myself on Cam I still see this really overweight person and wonder how did I ever weigh over 200 pounds!!!!! Will I still feel this way when I lose another 25 pounds??


  1. The 180's have been tough for me....particularly the 183 mark...I seemed to be stuck on that weight all week. I weighed myself this morning and I am finally down to 182...Yay!! Just a small victory, but I really got excited to NOT see that 3 on the end...I was tired of that little old 3 hahaha :) ~Kendra~

  2. I've reached my goal weight and lower...and been maintaining for a year...but I keep on wanting to keep my food, training etc exciting by trying out new things, and if I lose a kilo or two along the way...thats also fine with me
    I've hit menopause and now I have to fight fight fight to keep my weight down....
    This is going to be my life....fighting to keep my weight down, or will gain it all back again.


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