Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter...Food and more food!

Had a great Easter Sunday at  my Aunts with my Family! All good intentions to eat healthy but it did not exactly happen that way!
I ate what was there which included sides made with mayonnaise..Everything was really good! Not even on Christmas or Thanksgiving do I think that I ate what I did yesterday. Then we left and went to my Grandmothers and she had this amazing cobbler that I just had to try.. That did me in!!! Heck ONE DAY..I won't beat myself up about it..On our way home last night we stoped at Whole Foods and I bought a big bag of ground flax seed,small packet almond butter (try),strawberries,really raw honey,pasta sauce and whole grain pasta...

This morning I made my steel cut oats added in 2Tbs of Flax..It says that is a serving size. Then I added 1/2 the packet of almond butter and some agave..It was really good...!!!! I also had fruit and my Greek Yogurt... of course.The only thing is the ratio of flax,oats to almond butter...I just could not taste it. So it was wasted calories. I should have just used the whole packet. I was trying to save calories but instead I lost the taste all together!

It was really nice this morning after yesterdays free for all to get back to my healthy eating that is for sure!!!!! The food was good..But I use to eat like that all the time or at least close to it..That is how I got to over 200 pounds and it would be really easy to go back that way again..
I was not even done eating my meal and my stomach was killing me!!!
Then what did I bring???Cookies!!! I did not make them.. I bought them on the way there. We just have A LOT going on right now and did not have a chance to make anything. So on the way I stoped at walmart. I ate TWO of the cookies..Same thing..My stomach was killing me..But by the time I ate the cobbler at my grandmothers my stomach was ALLLLL ADJUSTED...That did not take long!!!!

Today I am back to the program and that is what is different from now to every other time I EVER tried to lose weight..The second I put something into my mouth that was considered a NON "diet" food that was it...IT WAS OVER!!!! Maybe I was just not ready?

The last few weeks have been HARD!! I have NOT been eating as well as I should. It goes right back to my emotional eating.When I stress I eat! When I am sad I eat!..Not sure what it will take for me to get over this. I am definitely much better.I would never have lost the weight that I have if I was still up all night eating my physical pain away. Because trust me..When I am in PHYSICAL pain what I WANT to do is EAT..That is something I am dealing with and it is HARD!!! It is a DAILY battle one I hope that I overcome some day very soon and one I am not sure I can overcome on my own because the physical pain is not going anywhere and food is not going anywhere either. So when you are alone as many hours any given day as I am....That is a lot of time to force yourself to do other things then eat!!!

Summer has also started here in Arizona and living with MS the heat is really hard on me..So just a lot going on..Plus stuff I am just NOT talking about for privacy reasons..I will adjust and get back to my regular routine. I have to!!! That scale needs to get moving again! I have a GOAL and I need to reach that goal!


  1. Tomorrow is a new day! You enjoyed yourself and now it's time to reign it in. It's all about moderation and you can do it!

    Have a lovely week.

  2. Your such a great person! You have full of hope, positive thoughts and aim to succeed on your goals! Im hoping for your succees!!!
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