Sunday, April 10, 2011

Could Not Last Forever!! I WISH!!!!

I think I have let myself get comfortable this week!
This has happened before.. I start to see HUGE losses..Pound after pound..Well not like this crazy nonsense..But losing weight..Then I get comfortable because I think in the back of my mind that it will just keep happening..That the pounds will just keep dropping off..

This week has been completely WEIRD..Every time I would step on the scale I would be down another pound!! I mean I am grateful..My clothes are all HUGE!! Shorts that fit just weeks ago are now baggy,Most of my jeans no longer fit..90% of my shirts are now TENTS..I have lost another inch in my thighs since the last time I did measurements. Just weeks ago!!! BLOWS ME AWAY!!! So if this is happening for no apparent reason why would it stop?? Well it has and it has inched up..Not by much and I won't know the final number till tomorrow..I could be a pound down,over or right where I was last week.
I also know TOM should be here. It seems like it has been a while.So it may be that I am adding a bit of water weight..Tomorrow will tell the tale!

I have a lot of clothes now that are too big and we are getting ready to have a garage sell..I told Jack that I really don't want to part with them because then when I lose all my weight I won't have the fun of trying all those clothes back on. He agreed it was not worth selling at a garage sell and to hold onto them. I was also thinking that most of then are expensive,TORID,Lane Bryant Clothing..Most New or close to it..So Maybe I will have some giveaways when I reach goal?? Would that be a good idea? I have TORID jeans,tops,shorts and LaneBryant Jeans..Sorry not a big fan of THEIR clothing..It just fits we wrong..I am kinda petite..But over weight. If that makes sense and their clothes are always way to long and just don't fit right.

I am going to have lots of shopping to do.. When I put on an old pair of jeans..It is AMAZING how my body has changed!

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  1. I love retail therapy. I plan on going on a shopping trip in 2 weeks to pack stuff for NYC.

    I love it when the scale is cooperative too! I bloat 2-3 days before TOM is here so it's probably that. You can't magically GAIN 3-5 lbs overnight.


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