Monday, April 11, 2011


♥BRAIN♥ If you treat it right and feed it the right foods..It is amazing what it is capable of! Even healing itself!

So my predictions were RIGHT!!!
175 POUNDS...A loss of 1.5 POUNDS!!  AMAZING!!! I am truly Grateful!

Last night I had said that I was thinking that maybe I was going to start my period..That TOM was on it's way because it seemed as though it had been a while and the fact out of no where I am all of a sudden gaining back what I had lost one pound at a time.Just as I had lost it..Well I woke up early this morning about to pee my pants! Then later on the same thing when I finally did decided to get up for the day. I was not sure what the scale was going to say because by now I had figured out that TOM had started!! Yeah for me!
So I was happy to see what I did..I actually had to do a double take..Hahaha..I mean after just yesterday it reading 179.5.. I was FREAKING OUT!!! That I was going to see that 180 AGAIN and I DID NOT want that!!! The farther away I get from it the better!

On Saturday night we had gone to a Mexican restaurant called Abuelos..We have been before and it was a DISASTER.. So much so that the manger sent us $40 in gift cards. So we had a FREE night out coming to us for about a month or two..So we decided to use it on Saturday..I have never ordered Fajitas at a restaurant or EVER and they were AMAZING..So now we will go back.They seemed pretty healthy if you don't eat the sour cream or cheese.
We don't get out as much as we would like. Me with my MS.. You all have read what it takes for me to leave the house these days..Then there is my husband who has debilitating back and leg pain..Sunday we were SUPPOSE to have gone to my mom's Birthday party..I had to get up by 7AM on a SUNDAY to be there by 2PM..I succeeded..All I had left to do was put on my clothes..But my husband was NOT doing well..So I went through all of that for NADA...That's OK though..I slept really good that night! But missed my mom's birthday..) : We will just take her out to dinner.
So my goal to lose 10 pounds in one month is still going as planned..
The treadmill not so much..I need to work on that..
The free weights I am doing a few times a week and have gained 1/2in in my right arm! I measure at the roundest point.



  1. Well done on the weeks weight sure u will reach your goals the way you are going...

    Keep going, you are honestly doing so proud of you.

  2. Way to go!! Sometimes the scale shows us the love :)

  3. you are truly doing amazing! keep at it, and you will have more than 10lbs gone in a month! I see 15+ in your future!! (Maybe try like a floor fan pointed at you while you are on the treadmill to help keep your body/MS from over heating)


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