Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week of meals In pictures...

I did not take as many pictures this week as I had hoped. Jack makes a lot of the meals and by the time we would sit down to eat I would forget to take a picture. So for the most part this week you get breakfast. This week I will work on taking more pictures of dinner! As you will see it is ALWAYS fruit and GREEK YOGURT and then either Steel cut oats with PB2 and Agave or for a while there I was eating a cereal that was made with Flax.(DRY) Just last night I bought a big bag of ground Flax so this morning I made steel cut oats with Flax,Almond Butter and Agave..It was delish!
Not Pictured..Will be next week..(  :

Green Tea,Steel Cut Oats,Banana Agave

No sugar added ice cream and chocolate PB2

Kashi TLC Cookie

Turkey and mustard on sourdough


  1. :) Great job taking those pix!

  2. Everything looks so good!


  3. I am curious about the PB2. I can't seem to wrap my head around it.

  4. PB2 is peanut butter that has the oil stripped out of it...So it is pounder. You mix it with water or anything you want really..Their ratio is 3Tbs to 3Tbs of water I think..But I usally add a tad more water..I like mine a bit thinnner..It also goes a bit further that way. The chocolate one is REALLY good..It just has tiny bits of chocolate through out..If you are interested just do a web search and a website should come up called netrition and that is where I got it from..They have a flat shipping rate of $4.95 so no matter what you buy that is your price.

  5. Yummy yum!!!! like the foods!!

  6. I have never heard of the oats...? is it like cereal?? Good job on the photos, everything looks yummy... and now I wish I had strawberries!


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