Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am back!

I have not disappeared...
I am still here and still eating healthy.

I was just on a BLOG break if you will.
I need one of those every now and then.

I have been getting caught up on reading Tosca Renos Eat Clean Diet
I have since bought a few new products..
Almond Butter..YUM
Flax seed..Love it!!!
Ezekiel Bread..This is also really good I put Almond Butter on this bread and it is a meal. The bread is a complete protein made with no flour.

My weight loss has come to a hault. As a matter of fact I have GAINED 4 POUNDS.. But I am OK with it..Right now I am more focused on adjusting my diet. Things were all out of whack there for a while and I was not sure what program to follow or how many calories to eat. Sure the pounds were coming off the scale but I was not sure why..Plus I knew that it would not keep up and it didn't.I have not gone off of my healthy eating..There is no reason that I can pin point as to why I have gained 4 pounds..These pounds were here prior to Easter Holiday..It fluctuates between 3-4 pounds.
Just recently I stoped eating ICE CREAM all together. That was in the last week..So that also means I will be eating less honey.
I have also finished reading the Eat Clean PLAN.. Not the book. Just the plan.. So I know how it works and what I am to do now..So I will be adjusting my diet accordingly..When I say "DIET" I just mean what I will be eating for the day. This is NOT a DIET!!!
This will be the way that I eat for the rest of my life..I have been eating this way since last summer and for the most part it is the same just with a few tweaks..For example..I am going to switch to 6 small meals a day. I am use to 2 meals and snacks. I also can't rave enough about Almond Butter and Flax seed!!! But in future post I will get more in detail about MY program and the way I will do things.

So In no time these few pounds that I have gained over the last 2 weeks will fall off..I have no doubt about that!
I have already noticed a difference in the way my internal plumbing is working..(  ;

As far as how my brain is working??? I wish that I could find the MAGIC SEED FOR THAT!!!
This morning I asked Jack what he wanted for breakfast.. Toast Almond Butter and Yogurt with Fruit and he kept telling me that he did or did not want yogurt.Within two minutes I kid you not I could not remember and this happened 3 times. All two minutes apart. They call this cognitive issues when you have MS..It's a scary thing when it does happen..


  1. I love your approach because it's exactly how I treated weightloss. Clean eating is definitely something I believe in. I think it's why health wise I rarely get sick, my allergies are nonexistent, and I have great energy! Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Totally agree with you and Safire! Good luck with your continued journey!

  3. I'm glad your back. I'm experiencing the same 4 lb rebound and also looking into clean eating. I also just started keeping food journal on my blog. I will definately look into Eat Clean Diet for summer reading. Please keep my posted... PS> I lovveeee Almond butter!

  4. Glad you're back! I LOVE almond butter too! I recently started addding flax seed to my diet here and there. I bought the seeds and also ground flax seed that I've used in some baked goods.

  5. I have been wanting to try almond butter..i love flaxseed, i put it on everything LOL...


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