Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lazy weekend...Pizza included..Monday..Strict Clean eating!!!!

Last night was spent at home with the hubby..Since I has slept all day I had no dinner plans and I gave in!!!
He went to the store and got a pizza!!! UGH Then we watched a movie called Never let me go
This happens MAYBE once every few months. It is NOT a good thing.(eating pizza) But yes it did happen.
It is called being lazy. I could have taken the time to defrost some chicken in the microwave and then come up with something. But I did not do that. I am not perfect and don't plan to be. But I have come a long way. I also recognise a pattern..I can't let these days build up. It usually happens right after I get paid. More money to eat out!

Either today or tomorrow I will be going to the grocery store..
I am going to try and get back into using coupons..I use to be so good at using coupons.Anyone watching extreme couponing on TLC?? Well that was me just 2 years ago.. Then when we moved I slowly tapered off..Then I started eating healthy and it got even worse. But there are coupons for toiletries. I use to have an entire pantry that was a stock pile and I would like to get back to that. It will take me some time to build my stock of coupons again before I can even start saving.
If you have never REALLY used coupons before you can save so much it is like having a job. So I am going to get back into it as much as I can..If you want to start small..Right now if you go onto fresh and easy website you can print a $6 0ff $30 and grocery stores that takes competitive coupons will take it..If you live in Arizona you can use it at Frys or Albertsons.. Just print the coupon.. You can actually print a few and if you order is more then $30 say...$130 You can split you transaction into multiple transactions and use multiple $6 off $30..So there is one way for you to go shopping tomorrow and save some money.

This is going to be a lazy weekend..Movies and hanging at home with the hubby!
We got some good news this week..So I feel like I can finally breath a little...
I am not so stressed out as I was for the last month!!!! When I get stressed about a certain thing it is ALL I think about.. It consumes my every thought..Makes me actually SICK!!! So I am glad that has passed..
Sure everyone has stress but I have explained it here before..My body handles stress differently.
So every time the thought would come in to my mind..I would start to have pins and needles pop up in my skin..if it was visible. That is exactly what you would see..A bunch of little tiny needles rise to the surface of my skin every time that I get stressed or upset.. Just like when Pinocchio would lie and his nose would grow.Well I grow needles when I get stressed or upset..
So YES.. I am very happy NOT to have to think about what I was thinking about day and night anymore.

Monday starts a very strict detailed CLEAN EATING program!!!
Details to follow..(  :


  1. Its ok to have some pizza!! Hope it was good.

    Thx for the coupon tips. I will print thags!

  2. It happens to us all....I gave up pizza a while back due to the calories....but every now and again...I eat...and enjoy!!!

  3. I personally like Fresh and Easy more than Fry's and Albertson's. There isn't an Albertson's close to me anymore it closed down, and Fry's is over priced. Fresh and Easy has so many options and healthy choices, plus I like that their chicken is ALWAYS on sale!! I just got strawberries for .98 cents there!! Awesome! I want to start trying to use coupons, but I never have before, so I don't really know where to start. There should be instructions!! LOL!!


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