Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting back to blogging and dealing with my teeth!

I feel as though I have abandoned my blog..) :
That is not the case!

So the last thing I have been wanting to discuss is FOOD! Anything related to food and YES that includes my diet!
I am still eating healthy..To a point..I say this for a reason which I will get into.

I finished reading the Eat Clean Diet Book up to the point that I now know EXACTLY how to follow the program and I am not just winging it.
So every time I am out I pick up something that I need and as of lately I have not been getting out much. So even Jack gets me things on the way home..But then again..He has ALWAYSSSS done that!!! But I do have an awesome husband!

On the eat clean program for 99% of it you will have it in your pantry or in your fridge but there are a couple of food items that are out of the ordinary so you will need to go and look for them..I have never had Organic Apple Cider Vinegar..Sure I have had Apple Cider Vinegar. But not ORGANIC..There is a HUGE difference...Then there is Flax Seed.. What did I EVER do with out FLAX SEED???? I will NEVER again go another day without it!!! EVER!!!!..Some people make the mistake of buying it whole. Your body will not get any nutrients from whole Flax Seed. It will just pass right through you. So make sure you get ground. I prefer it lightly ground..Then I put it in my yogurt in the morning. You can also get it where it ground down to powder and then mix it into your soups and stews and such. But I REALLY love the taste...So I stick with the lightly ground. YUM!!
But I really had no huge adjustments that I had to make..
Well ONE....

How on earth do I eat 5-6 meals a day???
I just cannot figure this out!
My breakfast is my biggest meal of the day hands down.
I have even tried to cut it down. But I am hungry in the morning.
This is what I eat in the morning..
Fruit..1 Orange 4 Strawberries 1/2 banana
1 Yogurt 3tsp Flax Seed
Then either 1 cup of steel cut oatmeal or Ezekiel bread and Almond Butter.
It's probably about 350 calories give or take..
Sometimes I leave out the toast and oatmeal but later I always end up having it..
Regardless if i am going to have a large meal breakfast should be the one and I am not having anything bad!
BUT...I am not hungry the rest of the day..Not until Jack gets home and we have dinner. Then I will have a snack and bed. My day is something like that. Not always. But for the most part. Breakfast for sure..EVERYDAY is EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!!
So I bought a dry erase calendar in hopes that I can plan out my weeks and meals.
Not sure how well that will go.
I am open to any and all advice..

Now as to why I have been missing for a while..
About a week ago I started having Jaw pain. I was not sure if it was a tooth or what it was. I was just at the dentist back in November and had some work done on the left side of my mouth and had 1 wisdom tooth taken out by the dentist. Then I was suppose to go back in December and have my right side done and also go to another doc and have my other 2 wisdom surgically removed since they are impacted. Well come December with it being the holiday and the fact I did way too much I ended up having an MS(multiple sclerosis) flare. So I never made it and never rescheduled..I mean who LIKES going right?? So I was like...I'll get to it.
Well wouldn't you know...It got to me first!
It started out as just a tooth ache/Jaw pain
I figured it would be one of these things where the tooth hurts for a day or two and then goes away.
Nope that did not happen..Not even for a day!
If anything it just got worse.To the point I would just sit up in bed and try and sleep sitting up. The pressure from laying down is just too much!
So come last Friday..I was like I just can't deal with this another minute! Jack called the dentist on Saturday morning and they said if you can be here in an hour..I really love my dentist. So if you live in Arizona and you need a dentist.. They are in the Mesa area..But anyways..I went in on Saturday morning after no sleep..I had just laid down when Jack came in the bedroom and said dentist in an hour!So we get there do two x-rays..I am so excited thinking that I am about to be out of pain. The doc comes in looks in my mouth and tells me that I have a wisdom tooth pushing on the tooth in front of it!!! I knew right off which one he was referring to. I knew that I had one that was in sideways.Still under the gum.So this was NOT something that the dentist could take care of! So more waiting!!! I was in agony....
It was not until Today Tuesday that I was able to get in to see the oral surgeon to discuss taking out the 2 remaining wisdom teeth that I have left...I am STILL in extreme pain! I have lived on Advil and Orajel.The Orajel barely touches it. But it is all I got. Finally today I got some mouth rinse and was told to use salt water.
Thursday is the day..That is when I get these sucks out! I will still be in pain for a while till I heal.
Then once I do. I will be ready to get right back to things.

My weight had not changed..Though I have not done an official weigh in for months!! The last time I checked it was still at 178. Still at a gain of 3 pounds. But I am confident that as soon as I get passed this dental issue and really start doing the clean eating program the way that it is suppose to be done...I will drop those 3 pounds in the first week. So I am not worried about it!

For now..I am eating healthy,Drinking my water,Taking my meds and sleeping as often as possible!
The less I have to be awake..The less I have to deal with the amount of pain I in!.


  1. Wow! I hope & pray everything goes well and that you're able to manage your pain until then! Take care!

  2. Hope everything goes well with the pain :(

    Thank's for sharing a bit of the eat clean book! It sounds like the current plan I'm on minus the 5-6 meals :) I do 3 meals and 1-2 mini snacks.

  3. So sorry to hear about your dental issues. I hate teeth stuff! And I am, in fact, looking for a good dentist so please please please share his name.

  4. :(

    I knew something was up... but dang... I am so sorry that you are going through so much pain! I hope it doesnt bother your MS. :( I think it would be hard to eat 5-6 meals a day too. I eat 3 meals and 1 sometimes 2 snacks. But I have heard of eating smaller meals, more often.. so its not weird that you read about doing that. (maybe you mentioned it before... not sure but I have read about that before.) I wish you the best of luck with your teeth and the dentist.


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