Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weigh in and continued dental issues!

I have not gone anywhere..I am still here.
I am REALLY REALLY struggling with my dental issues!!
I did go and have my Wisdom teeth removed as planned.
All went as planned. I chose to do it as a local. I figured that I could handle it.
Everything went fine..
Afterward I was so relived to have those things out! There was TWO..One on top and one on the bottom. Both on the same side of my mouth. The bottom one is the one that was causing all the pain and is also the one that was impacted. It came out in a couple of pieces.
After he was done and we left I was numb for like 8 hours. It was the best feeling EVER!!! I had been in pain for so long!!!! Since then....I have been in agony!!! AGAIN!!!!
Part of it I am sure is just natural healing..But I should be getting better day by day and I am not.
Tomorrow is my one week follow up. So I will get to find out what is going on. I probably should have called by now. But I have just been on ice and taken lots of Advil. The top has never hurt. It is still the bottom..So who knows!! I am just so done with this!!!

During this process I had to do many salt water rinses..As we know salt is not good for weigh loss.
At one point I got in the scale and it read 180..I could not believe it..I NEVER wanted to see that number EVER again on the scale!! I am still having to do salt water rinses but not as often.

Monday was weigh day..175.5...So I am right around where I was..
I am still eating healthy and following the EAT CLEAN plan..Right now because of my dental issues I am not eating much of anything..Yogurt and soft fruit..Anything that will not hurt to chew.

I am just trying to get threw this right now..Having dental pain is hard to deal with day after day!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well. I hope you are very soon! Hang in therem you will be back on track in no time

  2. I had my wisdom tooth removed once and I was in so much pain I was crying because it was so horrible. I made my father (doctor) inject me with painkillers just to make it go away.

  3. :(

    Yikes!! I hope everything goes over smoothly at your next appointment! Yay for getting back down to 175!!


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