Thursday, March 31, 2011

Losing inches and clothes!

I had replied to someones post the other day about the inches they had lost. It is AMAZING how many inches we can lose on TOP of the weight that we lose!
I remember when I was growing up and my mom AND my grandmother were obsessed with dieting! My grandmother was always on Weight Watchers..She was successful..As a matter of fact I have one of her cookbooks from the 70's and it is quite funny to look back at what they use to eat! I always remember though that she was always saying "BUT I HAVE LOST INCHES" and in the back if my mind I was thinking how in the world can you lose inches when you are NOT losing anything from the scale..That just did not register with me and quite frankly it still does not..But I have seen it with my own eyes!
So I know it to be true! Now I am not talking 0 weight loss..There were more then a few pounds in there..But I never expected for there to be over 13 inches and for my fellow blogger a couple of pounds and 7inches!!! HOLLY COW!! It just amazes me and makes me want to keep going! I can't wait to see what my measurements are next month! Speaking of next month..I am still working on my goals and will have those posted tomorrow..

I still go into my closet and sift through my clothes and see what will fit and what won't. What I can throw out. What can be donated. What can I sleep in. What can I convert into a shirt to wear with leggings..I AM NOT KIDDING!!! This one blew me away!!!

I have some of those tops that are from old navy..They were really in a few years ago..Collared and stripped in different colors. Well I have a couple and this morning I pulled a few down. They are so big they are either going in the donate pile or I will wear them with stretch pants.. THEY ARE THAT BIG!! To think I use to wear  these with jeans as a top! That is CRAZY!!!!
I also have a few T-Shirts that are the same and I have been wearing them as night gowns around the house over leggings! They are like tents! When the same! I use to wear them with Jeans..They use to fit just like any other T-Shirt. Now of course they did not fit FITTED..But they were not like this either! I am one that likes my clothes to fit my body..I don't like things too big or too small. I like them to fit for the way they were made to be worn.

I decided to go ahead and take a few pictures in the tops..Even though I just woke up..( : Otherwise this blog would NEVER get posted!

So even though I am REALLY getting very low on clothes..These stripped shirts will be going in to the donate pile! As soon as the temp hits 100 I will be able to pull out all of my winter clothes and put them in a box! I won't get rid of them just yet! I mean I have to hang on to them for vanity reasons..I mean heck..I need pictures for next winter RIGHT???? But NO they will not fit come next winter and I am gonna miss some of those clothes..A few of the jeans that I have I paid good money for! Being fat you have to pay good money for good fitting clothes! I got the chance to wear some of my favorite jeans that I have not worn in a very long time and it will be the last time I EVER wear them!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have been doing clean eating on my own..I just did my own research on the Internet!
When I first read the reviews for the Clean eating book it said that if you know the basics on how to eat healthy that the book was pretty much a waste of time!! So I never bought the book!
But soon I will be doing just that!

I have been reviewing everything that I eat and at this point right now I cannot state that I do CLEAN EATING until I cut a few things out of my diet! One of those things being ice cream..Now I do buy the kind that is no sugar added and you can read all the ingredients. But I do not believe this to be CLEAN correct me if I am wrong..I came across something today that said NO SUGAR with clean eating! That is what makes me think that I have been doing this all wrong..I don't know if I can cut out ALL sugar! I mean I can get it down to a minimum..

I recently bought a different type of honey which I have read about before called RAW honey..It is suppose to be the purest of the pure.. If you would like to read up on it or even purchase some yourself you won't be disappointed. It is not like your typical honey..It is not going to come streaming from a bottle. It is much thicker! It is also a bit grainy. But you can soften it a bit by setting the jar in a bowl of warm water. I purchased a small jar from whole foods to see if I even liked it! Which of course I do! Jack was not as impressed!
On the very top of every jar they have something called
CAPPINGS..This is what it is..The crunchy bits of pollen, propolis, and capping wax that crown each jar of our honey are called "cappings". Cappings have the highest concentrations of pollen and propolis, which are known for their healthful properties. Due to popular request, Really Raw Honey Cappings are now available by the jar and can be chewed, just like chewing gum, for a sweetly delicious way to enjoy and ingest the goodness the bees put in. Again all this information is found at the website I have listed! It sounds odd..But it truly is delish!
I bought that small jar on the bottom at Whole Foods!

So with the exception of eating out on occasion which I am sorry but I am JUST NOT going to get around that and the sugar the rest IS "clean eating" so I am NOT far off track! But until then I will not state that I am clean eating until I buy the book read through it and make sure that I am doing everything right!

Tonight FINALLY back on track with my eating..My stomach has ran a full course and is back to normal..I was able to eat a full meal tonight with no rumbling..So let’s see that took from Saturday Morning till Tuesday Night! Jack has asked around at work and it sounds like it may have been more of a stomach virus because even once the food was gone I was still sick! People at his work have been dealing with similar and even went to the doc for it! I was sick enough that morning to go to the hospital but Jack had been up all night cleaning the carpets in the house and was passed out and I was too sick to even express to him how sick I was! I was so dehydrated that my calf muscled were cramped up!! So I am sooooo glad that is done and over with!!!

So considering there has not much eating that has been going on and I have not been doing much else but lying in bed since Saturday I also have not gotten any exercise done either!
I think one more day and I will be good as new and then it will be time to hit the treadmill and start making goals for April which will include getting out of the 70's!

One very exciting thing that I did come across last week while cleaning out the house was a very old doctor’s appointment paper that I get every time I go..It always has on it a bunch of stuff marked like eat this and that drink this much water and strive for this weight. Well I never noticed that till recently!
This one that I found was from March 3, 2010 and it said to reach a goal of 180 Pounds!! Well at a year exactly I did just that!!! AMAZING!!! I had no idea that paper was even there or that he had ever written that!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick and need advice! Plus weigh in

Weigh in today...179      Loss of 3.5 pounds
So the cookies are gone! That took a week! No problem! Not to say that should ever happen again!
Part of the reason why it did not take as long for me to get there was because yesterday I chose to eat a frozen meal.
I have has these before..I 99% of the time do clean eating. Then I seen on another blog that someone had bought these healthy choice entrees..So I bought a few. They are pretty healthy but not "CLEAN" by any means!
So I decided to have one yesterday..BAD decision but I could not have known that. I have had his one before. A couple of times. But this time about 30 minutes later I started feeling stomach started hurting and this was beyond just regular stomach indigestion.. I mean I was in REAL pain and I had not eaten or drank anything for hours prior to THIS but water.My stomach swelled HUGE!!..It was about 40 minutes before it was IN and OUT!!! But that was not then end of it! I spent the next 8 hours pacing the house I was so sick! The feeling did not leave! By the time I was able to lay down in the bed I just laid there for about 10 hours..DID NOT MOVE!! I only drank about half a bottle of water in 20 hours..So I am pretty dehydrated. I am still sick to my stomach. I tried drinking some diet 7up.. That made me feel sick.
So if ANYONE has any advice????
I will be here in bed..Can't do anything else!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 25,2011 Measurments

♥♥my eyes♥♥

I finally found my old measurements. I knew that I has them somewhere.I Just could not remember where I had put them.Last summer I had jotted some numbers down on paper but I did not go as far as to measure everything I mean I have done so many diets and NEVER have I EVER succeeded so why would I this time..So I think I just measured my belly and maybe my chest.

Well lately with noticing that I have lost inches I have wondered where I have put that piece of paper so I started to look for it in the last week or so but could not find it!! Then while looking for a receipt that we so desperately needed and tearing the house apart I found 2 pieces of paper in a 3 drawer tupperware rollaway that I use to use for couponing. But since I started eating healthy I don't do much of that anymore. You just don't find many healthy eating coupons.I was surprised to see that back in November I had also did measurements. This time I had done just about everything but my calf's. I will be adding those. To the right of my blog I have added what my measurements read I was pleasantly surprised but not too surprised. I knew that my thighs had shrunk. That was obvious to me in the shower the day I was shaving. It REALLY stuck out to me!!! But one REALLY big shocker was my chest(around) and my boobs because I had not thought that I had lost really anything if but 1/2 inch. So I am THRILLED about that!! I REALLY want to be a C again. I DO NOT like being large chested. I DO NOT like being gawked at..It is the worst feeling to be walking down the grocery store and have men stare right at your chest and his wife do a double take and then she will nudge him or give him the evil eye. I can not tell you how many times I have seen it..It is embarrassing..I just want to walk up to her and say I am sorry when I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG! I just don't like having BIG anything PERIOD!! OK now I don't want a flat ass..I am fine with a little meat on my ass..Not jiggly or anything but not flat by any means.OK I am getting way off track here! Off to the right you can read that I lost a total of 13.5 inches in 4 months,,I think that is pretty good! 10 pounds and 13 inches..I can't ask for more! When I took the measuring tape( I have the kind that is flexible) and wrapped it around my leg at what it use to be..It was crazy what my leg USE to be!!! I will NEVER go back there NEVER!!!!

We went grocery shopping over the weekend and they had powdered donuts and I picked them up just to smell them..OMG it is like getting high on the scent of powdered donuts..I am NOT kidding!!!!!! If I can feel like that just from smelling them? I would have devoured the entire container!

We have some issues going on at home..No reason to go into details. But when you have MS, STRESS of any kind is the last thing that you want to deal with.For one it makes you sick.It can cause a flare and it can cause the symptoms that you do have to rare their ugly heads! Everyone deals with stress it is just a part of life. So I have to deal with it no matter what!I always know when I am stressed. My body clues me in ..I start to get these pin pricks under my skin almost as if you had a bunch of tiny needles under your skin billions of them and they are resting just under the skin and just when I get stressed they start to press against my skin and the more stressed I get the more they press and they keep pressing until I calm down.So if my dogs are barking and I am yelling at them the needles come out and start to press on my skin and once they stop barking and I stop yelling they slowly go down and go away.
So this past week We have had some things going on that have caused me quite a bit of stress. 99% of the time Jack keeps everything to himself.This can not be good for him. This is suppose to be a partnership.We deal with things together. Some of what has been going on he could not keep from me.So I naturally have been stressed!So since he does not tell me much that will stress me out I think that my body is not use to having too much on once.Starting a few days ago I noticed that I did not have fatigue as much as I usually do and the kind of fatigue that I have is bedridden kind. I have been able to get out of bed,clean the house,etc..Four days ago Iaid down to go to sleep and awoke two hours later. From then on it was like I was on speed..I could not do enough. I spent the next couple of days going through boxes,cleaning the kitchen in the middle of the night. Whatever I could find to do I did. I did get tired but what would happen is as soon as my body would drift to sleep something inside me would  jerk me awake.So I was awake for almost 4 days. On the end of the 3rd day I did call my doc and he told me to double my medication. That is what I did and I finally went to sleep,stayed a sleep, and slept for 15 hours!
Stress was one of the first symptoms that I had when I was diagnosed with MS..The sound of noise would ricksha through my body. I still deal with it from time to time. As a matter of fact I did last week. Anything with a sound. Even the sound of the walls settling would would do things to my body that you would not think is possible.
I have been recording myself sleep now for months just so that I can catch these crazy seizures that I have. Now I have started having the same sensation during the day. When I breath and with each step I take I have this very odd buzzing in my head and this floating feeling. It is the same thing that happens just before have a seizure which always happens when I sleep. So why I am now having the feeling during the day..I have no idea!

I have no idea what I will weigh come Monday..I am sure it will be right around where it has been. Nothing new there.
I have been kinda bored with food lately. I need to come up with some new recipes.
I am still doing clean eating..The package for my friend has been mailed! The rest of the cookies Jack took to work. So everything is out of the house!
I did tell him that I will bake one more batch of Butterscotch oatmeal cookies for his work. I am not crazy about those. So nothing to worry about there.

I think I am going to go ahead and order the eat clean book..I read the reviews and people had said there is nothing in there that you probably don't already know..But I think it may help with with motivation if nothing else.

6AM and time to catch back up on some more sleep!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weigh in...Plus don't bake while on a diet! Progress pic..NEW PJ'S

It seems like a really long time since I have posted here!
I guess because in a way it has! Almost a FULL week!

It has been a rough week on all fronts..

I did not bake during the holidays because I was right in the middle of losing weight and I knew better. I knew that baking would only be a trigger for me. So I stayed away from it.
I had a package that I was going to be mailing for a girlfriend and decided that I wanted to also add some baked goods and I would never just add store bought. When I bake I do it to show my friends and family my love and appreciation for them. So I decided to bake. I figured I could handle this!
So I baked!! I made 5 different kinds of cookies and peanut brittle and I will just leave it at that. No need to list everything off or give pictures and make your mouths water and give you triggers. That would would not be a very nice thing to do! I figured I could handle it! I was oh sooooo very wrong!!!!!

Today was weigh day!! I gained 2 pounds! Back to 182.5

I went to dinner with Jack on Sunday night and we went and had Mexican food. I figured while I was at it might as well end with a bang! WELL NOT REALLY...! That is just where we ended up eating but the fact that I ate like 15 cookies I was not nit picking on how many chips and salsa I would eat.

While on our way home a few hours later because I had went shopping and stuff later. I said yah know I really should NOT be hungry but I AM!! He said yah know I was thinking the same thing. I said it is because we have been eating nothing but CRAP!! Our bodies are on this sugar high and our bodies are craving nothing but junk food and carbs.I even got a McDonald's ice cream cone before coming home.OMGGGGG

I could totally beat myself up about this. I was for sure that I had seen the last of 182 and here I sit right back at 182.5. I mean I have beat myself up enough to NEVER NEVER  NEVERRRR do this again. But I am also not going to tear myself apart. I have done enough of tearing myself apart in my lifetime.

There is one person in my life besides my husband Jack that tells me I am beautiful and compliments me on my looks. Even if it's said to me over and over it does not resonate with me because I myself have never believed it. So no matter who pays me a compliment it makes me VERY uncomfortable!! I don't even really know what to say back. Just saying thanks seems very strange because even that does not sound right because I really DON'T appreciate it. That sounds horrible!!! It's just that I don't believe it! If that makes sense? Kind of like if someone was to say you know what....I really think that you have a nice car but you are driving a piece of crap 1980 that was passed down to you from your brother in HS. You are still driving it to this day..Now you say thanks just to be polite. Well that is what I do when someone pays me a compliment.
Maybe one day I will be OK in my own skin but I am not there yet!
I am getting there. There was a time that I hated anyone taking a picture of me and now I actually like taking progress pictures. This is my most recent taken on Sunday. I was having a bad hair day.. See I still have to pick at myself in some way.. I am working on it! What can I say!
On Sunday we also went shopping I was looking for some new bedding which I have been looking for a long time!!!! Since I don't have any clothes that fit and the top that I am wearing in the pic above is like 6 years old from the last time I was in the 180's I needed some clothes. But I was not out to buy clothes! But while at target I came across some PJ's..All my PJ  shorts are too big.. So here are some comparisons. These are really cute and comfy and what I like is that you can mix and match!


Underneath ones are old!
These are the tops that I bought that go with to mix and match.
Because I have always had issues loving MYSELF!.......Treating myself with respect and putting myself and my body first. Everyday or every time I post a blog I will start it off with telling you the reader or myself what it is that I love about myself. It can be something really small..It does not matter..It just needs to be something..Because I have NEVER done this..I always stand in the mirror and point out all the flaws..What sucks! I look at pictures and point out what is wrong and none of what is right! I think it is due time that I change that. So today it is just gonna be at the end of the post..(  :

♥♥My hands♥♥

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weigh in...

OK..So I weighed today!

No loss and no gain! I am good with that..You want to know why?
I know that I am officially out of my 182 plateau! It has been 2 weeks now since I have seen that number.
So it is gone and NOT coming back! THANK GOD!

So now I just need to get the scale moving and keep it moving and get into the mid 70's..I know I am bouncing in and around 179 but I want to see 175. That is my next goal! So exciting!
I mean I have NEVER been in the 70's that I can remember...I have been there. I was around the time I met Jack. But that was In 1995.. That was long time ago!..So to be there now..It is the oddest feeling. To have all of my clothes fit!!! Not have to worry about what I am going to wear! Other then the fact they are too big..I do have that! I also need to save up money to buy a new wardrobe come next winter! That has to be done for sure..

I was sitting here thinking the other night..I had a box of shorts that were too small. Yes more shorts and when we moved I had gotten rid of a lot of clothes. I have searched for them but can't seem to find them. I have more then enough to get me through the summer. But it would have been nice to try those on!
Oh well....

I am still in the bed!! Still trying to get past this. One day at a time. I feel better today then yesterday. So that is a good sign.Hopefully soon I will be able to get a jump on that something NEW that we bought..
Yes eventually I WILL tell you what it is!

For now I am happy with where I am at.

Monday, March 14, 2011

NSV's are AMAZING! & Being electrocuted!

I had an awesome weekend as far as weigh loss goes!!!

It has been a few months since I re-tried on some of the Jeans that did NOT fit..
If you will recall I had 2 pairs of GOAL jeans that I had hanging on my wall..
A few months ago. I would say around the holidays I was able to wear one pair of them. But my favorite pair..The pair that I wore to my brother wedding reception about 6 years ago I am guessing did not fit!. I mean I could get them on but they were REALLY tight and I had muffin top and everything!
So I figured it would be a while before I would be wearing those again!

So come Saturday me and hubby decide we are going to go out for a bit..Go shopping and go have dinner. I go to my closet which these day is not much fun to enter..Every shirt that I look at looks like a HUGE baggy tent. They have all become sleeping shirts if they are T-Shirt material. Other then that I don't have many other tops that are very nice to wear out to dinner! So I need to do some shopping!

So...I stood there in the doorway. I knew it would be a pair of jeans and I knew exactly which ones. Then I realized they were in the wash! CRAP!!! So then I grabbed another pair. Just as I realize that I still have that ONE pair of goal jeans that I have yet to try back on. Do you know how when you go to put a pair of pants on and just as you go to put one leg in you know right then if they will fit? Well I knew they were gonna fit! I did not know how well. But I did know they would fit. To my surprise not ONLY did they fit.. They had ROOM.. They were BAGGY!!!! WHAT???? I am so glad I tried these on! We are in the 80's and soon I won't be going near a pair of jeans and come winter these would not have fit me at all..I would NEVER again been able to wear my fav jeans!
So I was really happy to say the least. So the top was the least of my worries. I grabbed what I had to wear and it was the same shirt that I am wearing in my LAST progress pic..But hey..I said I was not buying any new clothes until it was ABSOLUTELY necessary.. I mean we are really close..Come next winter NONE of my clothes that I have are going to fit!

I was laying in bed last night and I told Jack.. I officially have NO goal clothes!! It just dawned on me.
Well I may have a few Jackets that my MIL gave me and one pair of dress pants. But nothing that I was dieing to get into. EVERYTHING FITS!!
It is the strangest feeling..Like I am melting away. That is the best way I know how to explain it!
But it is a NICE feeling..Strange but nice!
My MS has hit me HARD!
Most of the time I can carry on with life as usual. But every now and then it gets the best of me and I just can't take it any more!
I am not really sure WHAT is going on right now..If you don't know MS effect your central nervous system and for me that is 10 fold! I get little jerks here and there with my legs and arms just like every other MS patient. But a few times I have gotten so bad that I literally feel as though I am being electrocuted and that is what I am dealing with right now! I will lay in bed and try and sleep at night and and my entire body with NO NOTICE will twitch REALLY hard and my body flips in the air. It is crazy I am sure to witness but it hurts like hell and very irritating! This will happen over and over! Sound is an issue..Music,Voices,Dogs Barking, Doors closing, Dishes Clanking. Any noise what so ever and it is like fireworks going off inside of my body!
Who can live like this and not just want to break down..I have this constant feeling like I am gonna cry but I don't.
I have also been breaking out in hives which I have never done. So I am not sure if that is from the nerves?
So I spent all of last night in bed simply because I could not get out of bed! I feel that bad!

I got up today and took a shower and I now back in bed! I am feeling a bit better. But I can feel my insides vibrating and every now and then my whole body jerks. So for the most part I am trying to stay as stress free as I can hoping that this will pass...

I did not even think about weighing this morning. It has been the last thing on my mind. But as soon as I am feeling better I will get back on that scale!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

NSV...I actually enjoyed shaving!

I was in the shower just now..This is the first time since I have lost this amount of weight that I have shaved my ENTIRE leg..In the winter I just shave from the knee down..
It is weird the little things that I start to notice here and there..
I started looking at my leg..It definitely looks smaller. That is a fact!
I have measurements from the beginning around here somewhere and I need to find them.
I had also grabbed shorts to sleep in. I have not slept in shorts since losing weight and these are from before I lost weight and I remember EXACTLY how they fit. So when I got out of the shower it was interesting to see the difference in how they fit..I mean after all my waist is 6 plus inches smaller. These shorts were semi tight in the waist and now they are BAGGY..It is the oddest feeling!
The T-shirt that I put on was also tight in the sleeves and they are now loose and not even close to tight where before I had to pull on them and stretch them out..
After a shot in my arm last week I was looking in the mirror at my arm and I was telling Jack that the last time I did my shots a few years ago I remember looking at my arm and it looking so much different..It was more round and voluptuous and now it looks more deflated..I know that sounds odd right?? But that is my best way of describing it..

I have never seen my body transform like this. So watching it do so and trying to explain it..Well this is the best way that I know how..But tonight while taking a shower and the way that my clothes fit..WoW..That is so amazing and I still have 40 more pounds that I want to lose!!

I remember the first sign that I was losing weight was my stomach and my hips..I waited to see something.Now it seems that things are sneaking up on me. Things that I did not expect!
I have never really had any issues with my arms. But I also live in one of the hottest states and NEVER wear tank tops..I just never felt comfortable in them. But I am also really busty! I wish THAT would change!!! If anything I have lost an inch...WOOPEE!

I have not gotten around to that NEW thing yet but as soon as I do you will be the first to know what it is!!

By the way I have been going back and forth on what should be my starting weight..It was at one point 210..At the docs office it was 206..In July it was 206 But when I took the picture it was 203 and that was in July. Then I really started eating healthy and  tracking in September and I was at 203..So I am just going with 203!!!..So sadly I was at 25 pounds lost and now I am at 22 again..So be it!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best feeling EVER!!!....Edited..( :

OK..I know it is NOT weigh day.. But I just could not help myself and after the month of not weighing and NOT losing.I told myself and YOU that I would do whatever it takes..Even if that means weighing everyday.. I don't care! Well....Guess what??? It seems to be working!!!

I just realized!!! Last Tuesday..I set a goal to make it to 179 by this week and I did not think that I could do it!! HELLO.........It may not be weigh day but it is EXACTLY 7 days from the day that I wrote that!

This is the FIRST time EVER that I can remember EVER seeing this..I mean like in 16 years!!!!!
When I met my husband I was around 150..I THINK!!! I wore a size 11/12..

You have no idea how amazing this is to me..But for some this may sound stupid..You have to be where we are. You have be overweight all of your life to understand! Just like no one understands what it is like to live with an illness unless you have been there..

Now not to bring down this happy moment but it brings me to something else I have been thinking about..
I have not mentioned it here..Well because for one thing..It was a personal family matter and I was not about to spill that to everyone before my family member had the chance to do so herself..But anyways..
My sister is living with cancer..She found out recently..It was about a month ago. They did catch it Early! Thank God. But that does mean that she does not have to go through what everyone else does that has cancer because she does..So please say a prayer for her..

But that brings me back to my weight loss..Here I am worried about every little pound when my sister is dealing with CANCER!!! Some how that just seems wrong! Every time I step on the scale and I am happy about the pound I lost and am suddenly sad because I should not be happy when my sister is battling this disease..Does that makes sense? What I am trying to say..Things could be so much worse!!

Things are worse..I deal with MS. My original feeling was that if I lost the weight that it would help me be healthier..That this MS would lighten up and give me a break!! Well my most recent MRI I had lesions that vanished!!! That is almost unheard of!!! That is AMAZING!!!! But I am still not feeling as well as I should! BUMMER!
I am having some major joint pain..To the point where moving my joints is KILLER..I need to call shared solutions which is the place I call for questions about my shots..I have a feeling this a side effect from the drug and it SUCKS!!!

So now that I have let everyone know what is truly going on in my life..Please say prayers for my sister and my family..My sister has 3 children..Two of which are under the age of 3..
It is extremely frustrating wanting to be there for my sister and my nieces and I myself can't get out of bed or walk across the room. So say a prayer for us both! That I feel better and this medication gets a jump start! So that I can hopefully be there for my sister and my nieces..
Cancer is a mean evil disease!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Weigh-In...Plus Some

Today is me and Jack 13Th Wedding Anniversary..

On Sunday which was yesterday we went to dinner at Red Lobster. We had really nice evening and then after we went to walmart and bought something that is sooooo exciting and that is going to help my weight loss like you will not believe!!
I will be able to share my progress here with you all and everything. BUT.. You will have to wait till I have one day under my belt. Then I will share with you what we bought.. You will LOVE it!!!

Today was weigh day!
On Sunday I weighed because I knew we were going out to dinner and regardless of what you choose to eat when you eat out it has more sodium. When I weighed on Sunday it said 182..This morning it said 180.5...Last week I weighed 182.5..So I am down 2 POUND..I am good with that!!!
Plus with this NEW thing I bought I know for a fact.. My plateau is FINALLY over..Thank You!!!! I have not to date documented under 182.. I have seen it.. But not on weigh day!!! So It just needs to stay there and it will be going down down down...(  :

I am doing REALLY GOOD with my Copaxone shots..This time around is not as painful as the last time that I was on it a few years ago..But I am having some strange joint pain that I am going to have to watch because it is not normal..I also don't do shots in my legs..It is like popping a balloon..I learned that from last time..So I only do my stomach and arms.. I could do my back side but even 2 years ago I never did. It has always been arms and stomach and it gets hard trying to find a spot..

So..I am just really happy to see the scale moving.
As soon as I get the chance you all will get to see what will change my weight loss!
This is going to work!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The night before last I could not sleep and some night when I can't I actually gets these burst of energy and I end up running around the house doing things. It is really crazy!
Well I decided to try on those shorts!!

So I dug them all out..I had a stack of them..last summer I had 2 pairs that fit WELL..I had ONE jean pair and one other pair that I bought at walmart to get me by. I did not even really like them but hey...They fit!!
So I started trying them on...One after another they fit and I don't mean just fit. I mean most of them are almost too big. We are talking 23 pounds lighter then I was the last time that I wore these!!!

I had a black pair that I bought at Torid and they were TIGHT I mean muffin top tight and now they actually swoosh back and forth.. That is just crazy!!!

There was 2 pairs that don't fit at all..One pair is the one I bought at walmart last summer and the other pair is also from last summer which kinda upsets me because they are from Torid and I paid a lot for them!!! You know how you have some clothes that you like just not the size?

So now I have an entire stack of shorts..I don't need any shorts for summer but I will need tops. I have not bought any of those.

WoW..To think what 10 more pounds will bring or another 20..Just blows my mind! I have never been in this place EVER!! So it is all new to me..

Yeah for me!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't worry..It's more then copaxone..( :

Copaxone it is...


I know it has been like 30 minutes since my last post..hahha
But I could not wait till tomorrow to tell you about my success..
OK no..This is not a weigh loss success.. But this is HUGE!!!
I have been working towards this for a while now. Long before I even had the medication delivered to my home!

We were busy trying to hang these lamps on the wall in bedroom and I seen that the clock was ticking. I did not want it to get too far past 11PM then I would be too far off schedule...
So I said screw it..While Jack was hanging the little lamps. I went into the kitchen grabbed my needle and alcohol wipe from the pantry. I lifted my shirt and tucked it under mt bra and stabbed my tummy!DONE! The burning began..It is a very familiar burn. One I never thought I would be feeling again.This was 20minutes ago and I am STILL burning..It is to be expected..Every now and then I get a shooting pain. I am so glad,excited and thrilled YES thrilled that I got it over with and I can move on..Partly sad because I cannot share it with my BF..Long story ) :
But hey..I am on the road to feeling so much better! Now I get to journal about it in my new pretty stripped journal that I talked about in my You Tube Vlog..

This is the first step to getting back to some normalcy around here!
Last night I went to bed at a decent time. I will be doing the same tonight. I tracked everything that I ate today and will do the same tomorrow. Plus tomorrow I will be adding in floor exercises and the treadmill..So what the scale is back at 182.5 that number likes me..(  :...He needs to go find someone else..I am sure someone else would like him..I am sure of it..
My goal for next week is 179..I know it is a big goal but I am capable of it!
I need to start setting BIG goal for myself. Ones that I need to REALLY work towards! If I set a one pound goal. To me I feel like...OK we can go on a nightly walk. That should do it! But if I set a 3 pound goal! That makes me work a bit harder. I make sure that I track EVERYTHING!!! I work out above and beyond. I don't skip when I really want to..It just gives me that extra push! That is something I really need right now!

So far today my calorie count is..
953.9....Now that is a bit low..I like to stay around 1200-1400..1200 if I am sedentary and 1400 if I am active..Since I am very very sedentary today I am good with 953.9...I had vegetables,fruit,protein,whole grains and I am going to slam 2 more bottles of water before I go to bed!