Thursday, March 10, 2011

NSV...I actually enjoyed shaving!

I was in the shower just now..This is the first time since I have lost this amount of weight that I have shaved my ENTIRE leg..In the winter I just shave from the knee down..
It is weird the little things that I start to notice here and there..
I started looking at my leg..It definitely looks smaller. That is a fact!
I have measurements from the beginning around here somewhere and I need to find them.
I had also grabbed shorts to sleep in. I have not slept in shorts since losing weight and these are from before I lost weight and I remember EXACTLY how they fit. So when I got out of the shower it was interesting to see the difference in how they fit..I mean after all my waist is 6 plus inches smaller. These shorts were semi tight in the waist and now they are BAGGY..It is the oddest feeling!
The T-shirt that I put on was also tight in the sleeves and they are now loose and not even close to tight where before I had to pull on them and stretch them out..
After a shot in my arm last week I was looking in the mirror at my arm and I was telling Jack that the last time I did my shots a few years ago I remember looking at my arm and it looking so much different..It was more round and voluptuous and now it looks more deflated..I know that sounds odd right?? But that is my best way of describing it..

I have never seen my body transform like this. So watching it do so and trying to explain it..Well this is the best way that I know how..But tonight while taking a shower and the way that my clothes fit..WoW..That is so amazing and I still have 40 more pounds that I want to lose!!

I remember the first sign that I was losing weight was my stomach and my hips..I waited to see something.Now it seems that things are sneaking up on me. Things that I did not expect!
I have never really had any issues with my arms. But I also live in one of the hottest states and NEVER wear tank tops..I just never felt comfortable in them. But I am also really busty! I wish THAT would change!!! If anything I have lost an inch...WOOPEE!

I have not gotten around to that NEW thing yet but as soon as I do you will be the first to know what it is!!

By the way I have been going back and forth on what should be my starting weight..It was at one point 210..At the docs office it was 206..In July it was 206 But when I took the picture it was 203 and that was in July. Then I really started eating healthy and  tracking in September and I was at 203..So I am just going with 203!!!..So sadly I was at 25 pounds lost and now I am at 22 again..So be it!!


  1. Its fantastic how the body changes when losing the weight....its such a great feeling standing in front of the mirror and liking what you see.
    I love a toned muscular type body which is so hard the older one gets, but the good think is I know not impossible as there are so many women out there my age and older who have a body any young girl would die for....they inspire me...
    Enjoy the slimmer new body.....

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I thankfully do not suffer from the fatigue side of MS ( see why I am in denial ) and I love the sunshine and can even run hot temps without suffering ( my 24 year old daughter says she cant run in the heat i run in )
    But after reading up about MS I know fatigue is one of the horrible things people suffer from...

    Keep positive....yes, please do....xx

  3. Seeing the body transform is one of the biggest motivations in losing weight for me! I wish my stomach and hips would shrink!! I think they are the last to get smaller. My boobs have shrunk Great NSV's!

  4. I remember when I noticed my thighs weren't rubbing together when I walked. I remember how my jeans used to wear out on the inner thigh. Those are such great victories. Noticing changes is so encouraging.

  5. Hello there
    Its Sunday evening here, am about to hit the sack and get myself all ready for the new week.
    I got your email on Saturday via my Blackberry, but as hubby is back after being away I have tried not to do too much online besides my group and my one blog...
    Will be back to normal tomorrow and reply.
    I love the please know I will be here soon....
    Hope you had a good weekend...I see no update from you either...
    Chow Ciao!!

  6. Wow, what a great NSV you have had!!! I loved and still do seeing the transformations of my body!


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