Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best feeling EVER!!!....Edited..( :

OK..I know it is NOT weigh day.. But I just could not help myself and after the month of not weighing and NOT losing.I told myself and YOU that I would do whatever it takes..Even if that means weighing everyday.. I don't care! Well....Guess what??? It seems to be working!!!

I just realized!!! Last Tuesday..I set a goal to make it to 179 by this week and I did not think that I could do it!! HELLO.........It may not be weigh day but it is EXACTLY 7 days from the day that I wrote that!

This is the FIRST time EVER that I can remember EVER seeing this..I mean like in 16 years!!!!!
When I met my husband I was around 150..I THINK!!! I wore a size 11/12..

You have no idea how amazing this is to me..But for some this may sound stupid..You have to be where we are. You have be overweight all of your life to understand! Just like no one understands what it is like to live with an illness unless you have been there..

Now not to bring down this happy moment but it brings me to something else I have been thinking about..
I have not mentioned it here..Well because for one thing..It was a personal family matter and I was not about to spill that to everyone before my family member had the chance to do so herself..But anyways..
My sister is living with cancer..She found out recently..It was about a month ago. They did catch it Early! Thank God. But that does mean that she does not have to go through what everyone else does that has cancer because she does..So please say a prayer for her..

But that brings me back to my weight loss..Here I am worried about every little pound when my sister is dealing with CANCER!!! Some how that just seems wrong! Every time I step on the scale and I am happy about the pound I lost and am suddenly sad because I should not be happy when my sister is battling this disease..Does that makes sense? What I am trying to say..Things could be so much worse!!

Things are worse..I deal with MS. My original feeling was that if I lost the weight that it would help me be healthier..That this MS would lighten up and give me a break!! Well my most recent MRI I had lesions that vanished!!! That is almost unheard of!!! That is AMAZING!!!! But I am still not feeling as well as I should! BUMMER!
I am having some major joint pain..To the point where moving my joints is KILLER..I need to call shared solutions which is the place I call for questions about my shots..I have a feeling this a side effect from the drug and it SUCKS!!!

So now that I have let everyone know what is truly going on in my life..Please say prayers for my sister and my family..My sister has 3 children..Two of which are under the age of 3..
It is extremely frustrating wanting to be there for my sister and my nieces and I myself can't get out of bed or walk across the room. So say a prayer for us both! That I feel better and this medication gets a jump start! So that I can hopefully be there for my sister and my nieces..
Cancer is a mean evil disease!!!


  1. I'm so sorry about your sister! Thinking positive thoughts for her and your whole family.

    Congrats on your amazing progress!

  2. I'm very sorry for your sister. My heartgoes out to her, to you, to everyone.

    I would bet your sister would be very happy for you with that "big deal" scale number! I get that. I haven't weighed that since 1993 when mom died. It's huge. Celebrate it.

    Congrats on the lesions being gone! That's wonderful!!

  3. I send prayers out for your sister...Cancer sure does suck...and she is so young with 3 children...its just not fair...life is not fair.

    Well done on the weight lost...so proud of you...

    Amazing story about the lesions on your brain ~ GONE!! that is unheard of. Mine are scares and the last time I had a MRI back in October I had developed a new one...
    I need to ask you something....Are you eating or drink diet products?? All are filled with Aspartame and this is so bad for the body and helps MS patients if they stop these products and eat clean....

  4. Marcelle..Thanks for your post! I do CLEAN EATING.. I don't eat anything that is processed..If it does not come from the ground,whole grain,protein,etc.. Then I don't eat it! This is my motto..If my great grandmother has no idea what it is..I dont eat it!..I don't eat anything that has strange words or is packaged..I eat REAL food! I dont know how to explain it any better then that. I think I will do a post on this tonight. I have not done one in a while if ever..LOL I think it is the reason why I am doing better..I dont have all that inflamtion going on inside my body. It is the first MRI I have had done since I started eating healthy! I do drink 1 Diet coke a day..I use to drink many more and I also use to drink a lot of other things that contained aspartame. Now I just drink water all day,soy milk for breakfast, diet coke with dinnner..Eventually I will end that too! Thanks for your comment!

  5. Thanks for the reply...I GET IT TOTALLY....from what you say about your eating....CLEAN IS THE WAY FOR US MS SUFFERS...
    I used to live on diet foods for many many years....now am really enjoying the change since i was diagnosed over a year ago...although the Neuro seems to think food has no positive or negative effects on MS....one of the main reasons I want to see a new one...as his way of thinking I am not inline with.

  6. So sorry about your sister. :(

    Good job on the loss though- that's amazing!

  7. I am sorry to hear about your sister and will keep her in my prayers..

    Congrats on the loss!! And for the wonderful MRI report! You're doing awesome and I'm proud of YOU!

  8. My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with you all!


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