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March 25,2011 Measurments

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I finally found my old measurements. I knew that I has them somewhere.I Just could not remember where I had put them.Last summer I had jotted some numbers down on paper but I did not go as far as to measure everything I mean I have done so many diets and NEVER have I EVER succeeded so why would I this time..So I think I just measured my belly and maybe my chest.

Well lately with noticing that I have lost inches I have wondered where I have put that piece of paper so I started to look for it in the last week or so but could not find it!! Then while looking for a receipt that we so desperately needed and tearing the house apart I found 2 pieces of paper in a 3 drawer tupperware rollaway that I use to use for couponing. But since I started eating healthy I don't do much of that anymore. You just don't find many healthy eating coupons.I was surprised to see that back in November I had also did measurements. This time I had done just about everything but my calf's. I will be adding those. To the right of my blog I have added what my measurements read I was pleasantly surprised but not too surprised. I knew that my thighs had shrunk. That was obvious to me in the shower the day I was shaving. It REALLY stuck out to me!!! But one REALLY big shocker was my chest(around) and my boobs because I had not thought that I had lost really anything if but 1/2 inch. So I am THRILLED about that!! I REALLY want to be a C again. I DO NOT like being large chested. I DO NOT like being gawked at..It is the worst feeling to be walking down the grocery store and have men stare right at your chest and his wife do a double take and then she will nudge him or give him the evil eye. I can not tell you how many times I have seen it..It is embarrassing..I just want to walk up to her and say I am sorry when I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG! I just don't like having BIG anything PERIOD!! OK now I don't want a flat ass..I am fine with a little meat on my ass..Not jiggly or anything but not flat by any means.OK I am getting way off track here! Off to the right you can read that I lost a total of 13.5 inches in 4 months,,I think that is pretty good! 10 pounds and 13 inches..I can't ask for more! When I took the measuring tape( I have the kind that is flexible) and wrapped it around my leg at what it use to be..It was crazy what my leg USE to be!!! I will NEVER go back there NEVER!!!!

We went grocery shopping over the weekend and they had powdered donuts and I picked them up just to smell them..OMG it is like getting high on the scent of powdered donuts..I am NOT kidding!!!!!! If I can feel like that just from smelling them? I would have devoured the entire container!

We have some issues going on at home..No reason to go into details. But when you have MS, STRESS of any kind is the last thing that you want to deal with.For one it makes you sick.It can cause a flare and it can cause the symptoms that you do have to rare their ugly heads! Everyone deals with stress it is just a part of life. So I have to deal with it no matter what!I always know when I am stressed. My body clues me in ..I start to get these pin pricks under my skin almost as if you had a bunch of tiny needles under your skin billions of them and they are resting just under the skin and just when I get stressed they start to press against my skin and the more stressed I get the more they press and they keep pressing until I calm down.So if my dogs are barking and I am yelling at them the needles come out and start to press on my skin and once they stop barking and I stop yelling they slowly go down and go away.
So this past week We have had some things going on that have caused me quite a bit of stress. 99% of the time Jack keeps everything to himself.This can not be good for him. This is suppose to be a partnership.We deal with things together. Some of what has been going on he could not keep from me.So I naturally have been stressed!So since he does not tell me much that will stress me out I think that my body is not use to having too much on once.Starting a few days ago I noticed that I did not have fatigue as much as I usually do and the kind of fatigue that I have is bedridden kind. I have been able to get out of bed,clean the house,etc..Four days ago Iaid down to go to sleep and awoke two hours later. From then on it was like I was on speed..I could not do enough. I spent the next couple of days going through boxes,cleaning the kitchen in the middle of the night. Whatever I could find to do I did. I did get tired but what would happen is as soon as my body would drift to sleep something inside me would  jerk me awake.So I was awake for almost 4 days. On the end of the 3rd day I did call my doc and he told me to double my medication. That is what I did and I finally went to sleep,stayed a sleep, and slept for 15 hours!
Stress was one of the first symptoms that I had when I was diagnosed with MS..The sound of noise would ricksha through my body. I still deal with it from time to time. As a matter of fact I did last week. Anything with a sound. Even the sound of the walls settling would would do things to my body that you would not think is possible.
I have been recording myself sleep now for months just so that I can catch these crazy seizures that I have. Now I have started having the same sensation during the day. When I breath and with each step I take I have this very odd buzzing in my head and this floating feeling. It is the same thing that happens just before have a seizure which always happens when I sleep. So why I am now having the feeling during the day..I have no idea!

I have no idea what I will weigh come Monday..I am sure it will be right around where it has been. Nothing new there.
I have been kinda bored with food lately. I need to come up with some new recipes.
I am still doing clean eating..The package for my friend has been mailed! The rest of the cookies Jack took to work. So everything is out of the house!
I did tell him that I will bake one more batch of Butterscotch oatmeal cookies for his work. I am not crazy about those. So nothing to worry about there.

I think I am going to go ahead and order the eat clean book..I read the reviews and people had said there is nothing in there that you probably don't already know..But I think it may help with with motivation if nothing else.

6AM and time to catch back up on some more sleep!

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  1. You look amazing in your progress pictures! I hope the stress in your life lifts soon - that's never fun.


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