Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick and need advice! Plus weigh in

Weigh in today...179      Loss of 3.5 pounds
So the cookies are gone! That took a week! No problem! Not to say that should ever happen again!
Part of the reason why it did not take as long for me to get there was because yesterday I chose to eat a frozen meal.
I have has these before..I 99% of the time do clean eating. Then I seen on another blog that someone had bought these healthy choice entrees..So I bought a few. They are pretty healthy but not "CLEAN" by any means!
So I decided to have one yesterday..BAD decision but I could not have known that. I have had his one before. A couple of times. But this time about 30 minutes later I started feeling stomach started hurting and this was beyond just regular stomach indigestion.. I mean I was in REAL pain and I had not eaten or drank anything for hours prior to THIS but water.My stomach swelled HUGE!!..It was about 40 minutes before it was IN and OUT!!! But that was not then end of it! I spent the next 8 hours pacing the house I was so sick! The feeling did not leave! By the time I was able to lay down in the bed I just laid there for about 10 hours..DID NOT MOVE!! I only drank about half a bottle of water in 20 hours..So I am pretty dehydrated. I am still sick to my stomach. I tried drinking some diet 7up.. That made me feel sick.
So if ANYONE has any advice????
I will be here in bed..Can't do anything else!


  1. Ugh - that's not good! I can't offer much advice, but I do hope you feel better soon. Poor thing. Usually food poisoning takes longer than that - I wonder if it was something you ate earlier. Maybe your body really did freak out from the processed food... Either way - I'm sorry :(

  2. Thanks Sarah!! I finally was able to eat a Kashi granola bar! I started with sips of Diet 7Up. So I think the worst is finally behind me!
    It was right after I ate and I did not feel anything before that. So I assume it is from the frozen meal? Not sure!

  3. :( Oh you poor thing!! Hope your better soon.

  4. You should of put your finger down your throat and end your misery. Sis.

  5. There was NOOO need for that..That all happened in the first couple of hours! From then on it was stomach pains and major nausea and just plain feeling like I was gonna die!

  6. Dont drink Diet anything!!!!!!! Filled with aspartame and very bad for MS suffers and many others as well...

    Hope you feeling the other comments and it seems you are much better now.


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