Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weigh in...

OK..So I weighed today!

No loss and no gain! I am good with that..You want to know why?
I know that I am officially out of my 182 plateau! It has been 2 weeks now since I have seen that number.
So it is gone and NOT coming back! THANK GOD!

So now I just need to get the scale moving and keep it moving and get into the mid 70's..I know I am bouncing in and around 179 but I want to see 175. That is my next goal! So exciting!
I mean I have NEVER been in the 70's that I can remember...I have been there. I was around the time I met Jack. But that was In 1995.. That was long time ago!..So to be there now..It is the oddest feeling. To have all of my clothes fit!!! Not have to worry about what I am going to wear! Other then the fact they are too big..I do have that! I also need to save up money to buy a new wardrobe come next winter! That has to be done for sure..

I was sitting here thinking the other night..I had a box of shorts that were too small. Yes more shorts and when we moved I had gotten rid of a lot of clothes. I have searched for them but can't seem to find them. I have more then enough to get me through the summer. But it would have been nice to try those on!
Oh well....

I am still in the bed!! Still trying to get past this. One day at a time. I feel better today then yesterday. So that is a good sign.Hopefully soon I will be able to get a jump on that something NEW that we bought..
Yes eventually I WILL tell you what it is!

For now I am happy with where I am at.


  1. feel well soon! And no gain is a win!

  2. Staying the same is a good thing! SO much better than a gain!


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