Daily Food Intake

3-4 daily One of those MUST be a Banana for potassium
6-8 Servings a day
Stay away from canned. It contains to much salt!
No Corn /Potato once a week
Chicken breast,Turkey lunch meat,Eggs
Whole Grains
Includes Quinoa and Brown Rice
Bread and Carbs
Whole Grain bread is limited to 2 times a week
Flatouts limited to 3 times a week.(Lunch)
One other bread product such as Thin Buns once a week.
Honey limited to 2Tbs a week or 6tsp
1Ounce Dark 86% or Higher Chocolate or Cocoa nibs
Simply fruit jam 2 times a week
Olive Oil or Coconut Oil 2 times a week
Peanut Butter-No more then 2 times a week!!!
96 Ounces a day

December 26 2010

Goals are very hard to make and stick too!
I do everything right and the scale is slow moving.
But goals are good to make.

Weight Goals     

My current weight as of December 22 2010 is 186.5
I would like to weigh 185 come Dec 29,2010
I am losing on average one pound a week.
I think I can bump that up to 2 pounds per week.
I have a goal of 180 by the end of January 2011
At first I put an end goal here. But I am not ready for an end goal. Right now I am taking one week....sometimes one day at a time! That works for me right now!

Food Goal

1200 calories for 2-3 days
1600 calories for 2-3 days
Calories are tracked using a website.
This is doctor recommended to keep from hitting another month long plateau as I did
last month.
I will continue with whole grains,fruits,vegetables,low sugar and 120 Ounces of water per day.

For Breakfast I typically eat fruit. I will eat an orange or 2 or an orange and a banana.
I usually skip lunch then have a healthy dinner and small healthy snacks in the evening.
The goal for the month of January is to eat 5-6 SMALL meals a day.