Thursday, April 7, 2011

I just can't believe it!!!!

I stepped on the scale again this morning and can you believe I am down ANOTHER POUND!!!! 175.5 I don't weigh till Monday..So it could be even more by then!
I just DO NOT want to jinx anything..I don't believe in any of that..But you know what I mean!
It took me so long to get out of the 80's 13 WEEKS to be exact!!
So what is different for the 70's..My hubby Jack has said maybe my metabolism has changed? I know something has changed because I feel different.. I have a TON more energy..
For the first time in YEARS I have more energy then I have EVER had..I mean don't get me wrong I am NOT miraculously healed! I wish to god I was! But for the last I would say month or a little more my fatigue has been so much better!
For the last year I have had the worst fatigue..We moved in to our current house a year ago and I feel as if we moved in and I sat down on the sofa and never moved and I am being dead serious!!!
The last month I have had very weird things that have been happening..I had that very odd bout with insomnia to where I could not sleep for days..I was pacing the house and cleaning like a manic and from then on I had it here and there but the days in between I actually felt semi-normal..Like I could exercise,clean my house,take a shower,cook..Just do things that everyone else does and not want to keel over after..

The only person that actually knows my life and how badly I deal with fatigue and MS symptoms is my husband..If we have an outing I have to plan ahead for those..It is a process..It is a sort of behind the scenes if you will..No one can just call and say come over and have dinner and I jump in the shower and be right over..My life does not work that way..For days leading up to an event,outing,dinner, family function etc I have to do NOTHING..and I do mean NOTHING!!!!!!! SLEEP...Two days before I take a shower and wash my hair. I cant do that the day before because that would be too much. So I do that TWO days before..Then the day before I take a shower and my hair does not have to be done. So the energy was saved there. Come the day of said event I do NOTHING until a few hours before we have to leave and then I will put on my makeup..Remember hair was done a few days ago..I then rest for another hour after the makeup is done and then I get dressed..I then hopefully have an hour to get done whatever I have to do..Gather my belonging,purse,jacket,shoes,go to the bathroom,primp..Anything I am taking with me..WE ARE ALWAYS LATE!!!!!

So to have this new found ENERGY is absolutely AMAZING!!! How long it will last?? I have no idea..I am just loving every minute of it! It does not last all day..It comes in spurts..Like right now. I have been on the sofa since I got up..So today is an ehhh day.. Yesterday was a good day..I am hoping for a good day tomorrow..We are having a walk through in our house.. So I would like to tidy up a bit!

So is it possible that my new energy is the reason for my sudden weight loss???
No matter what the reasons may be I am so very grateful and I just hope it keeps moving downward!
I have also wondered still if this is from the REALLY RAW HONEY..According to their website others have had similar side effects..So maybe the energy and even the fact that I am not having my nightly allergies is from the honey..?
Just when I am about to get the EAT CLEAN book and really start following the exact program and not just what I read on the Internet and the OXYGEN mag..I mean what do I do?? Do I continue with the honey? I mean what else could it be? There is nothing else that I have changed!


  1. Congratulations...I'm so glad for you!!!! Hugs, Flavia

  2. Just wanted to let you know, I absolutely love reading your blog and this enty right here made me want to cry....because my mom has MS and has the same struggles you have. She has those periods where she feels like all she can do is rest...I always felt like nobody understood her and I'm sure she felt that way too!! Reading your blog gives me comfort, because it's just so great to see you making progess. My mom lost 1lb this week and she was so excited. I sent her the link to your blog...I hope she starts reading it! I think it would totally bless her too!!! :) (Sorry the comments so long I got carried away hehe) ~Kendra~

  3. Kendra..Your mom is a very lucky lady to have you in her life! My mom also has MS.. We were not close at the time of diagnosis..It was quite the shock when i was diagnosed! It is the hardest thing for someone with MS to try and exsplain to family members what they deal with because for the most part on the outside you look fine! I am happy that my blogs bring you some comfort! When I sit down to write what i do I just write what is on my mind at the time.I am here for you if you ever want to chat or ever have any questions.. Just shoot me an email! HUGS...Renea

  4. Gosh I never understood until reading this how badly MS has effected your energy levels....after reading this I count myself VERY blessed as being diagnosed with MS myself I've not experienced this at energy levels are very good...even on something like The 17 Day Diet where you eat no carbs...
    I to Tosca's Clean Eating and you allowed honey ~ so I would get the book at continue...Sugar gives you energy and Honey is sugar in another could be why your energy levels are so much better.
    Good to read about your weight lost as well.....lets hope Monday brings a nice surprise your way.

  5. Congratulations on your loss!!!! I love newfound energy too :) I used to be so lethargic before and now I'm all hyper!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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