Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ladies.... I need your advice!!

I went to my DOC Thursday!

I stepped on the scale at 180.2..UGH That was NOT nice to see....
The reason being it was at 4PM...Plus it was in the middle of TOM..
Still I knew what my true weight was!
This morning I am still up by 2 pounds! Putting me at 177.
As long as I stay away from that 180 I am happy for now!

I am actually thinking of NOT weighing on Monday..WHY you may ask? WELL because I can do that..
But the real reason..I want to give my body a week to adjust from from TOM and get back to what I know my TRUE weight really is..This whole weight thing can be a real mind F***K and to avoid being depressed for a week I may just skip it!...I may weigh on Tuesday..Just not on Monday.But since MONDAY is my OFFICIAL weigh day by weighing on Tuesday or Wednesday I won't feel so pressured or stressed about the weight.

I am still happy with the way my month is going!..
I know that I need to get on my treadmill..I am dealing with some Knee issues and that is NOT an excuse. I wish it was! This is pain that happens when I am just sitting there. So I am thinking that I may need to go see a doc for this.
I wake up in agony!
I have been doing free weights with 3LB weights and working my upper body just not as much as I should. So I am going to work on increasing that! Same goes with my lower body. I have started using ankle weights.( Knee pain was before I started using weights)
I have not noticed any increase in fatigue with using weights which is a good thing. So I will continue with this.

The treadmill is what is so hard on me and is also so hard to get going..The thing now sits in my living room thanks to my amazing husband for moving it in there for me. That was no easy task. He had to take it apart and put it back together.So I look at this thing all the time. Sometimes I think that if it was not a TREAD climber maybe I would be more likely to get on it..But every time I get on it..I am going for a hike!!!You get a better workout in half the time..But when you have fatigue like I do EVERYDAY and most days just getting in the shower is a pain in the ass! Well...Getting on the treadmill is not on the top of my list.
I have planned to do it when I first get up. That has not worked because I always have to eat when I first get up. If I don't I am nauseated. Then I end up on the computer..Then it just gets away from me.
Another reason is going to sound stupid to some and some will understand.
I have explained my fatigue and what it takes to just take a shower. Well have you noticed how much hair I have?? When you work out you sweat!! I can't work out and NOT take a shower! So I would have to not only get on the treadmill I would have to then shower after. PLUS WASH MY HAIR..Not only shower every day..But wash my hair EVERY DAY!! When right now I wash my hair every 3 days.
So please...If anyone has any advice on this I am listening....because I could really use it!
I know this may sound stupid to some.I get that. But when you have fatigue from MS like I do and I already have issues with getting on the treadmill. Now I am suppose to shower after and wash my hair!!!
I have to say this is probably the main issue..But it has to do with FATIGUE..Not the shower..If that makes sense..The fatigue causes the shower issues! I use to LOVE my showers..I use to shower twice a day. I have tried buying great products so that I will enjoy my showers more. I recently bought a $12 Alba Lavender shower soap..LOVE IT!! So that has helped a bit! Cutting my hair...WONT HAPPEN..(  :..Maybe one day!

I feel I am still on track to 10 pound in the month of April!
I just need to get on that Treadmill and use my weights EVERYDAY like I said I would!


  1. I have no the moment do not suffer from fatigue with my MS.....but can send you lots of love, happiness, joy and a big cyber hug!!¬

  2. Love the hair! Perhaps taking care of your hair can be part of your workout? They say you have to enjoy your exercise.

    Hoping your sis got the good news she deserves!!

  3. Have you considered cutting your hair to make it easier to manage?

  4. My advice would be to get some of those sweat bands that athletes wear, pile your hair on the top of your head (or as close as possible), and then blowdry your hair after working out..

    Then putting nice smelling powder on your hands and run it through your roots.. putting as much as you feel necessary (but not making your roots white).. it soaks up the grease (and is cheaper than dry shampoo), and you just brush your hair and it blends..

    I do this when I can't take a "shower".. I do a partial bath with baby wipes and do the powder.. Whatever you do, DO NOT cut your hair!! lol.. it's too beautiful!


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