Friday, November 12, 2010


A much better day today..
I am still struggling to to get in all my water. But my calorie intake was way better.
I really would like to know how some of you are downing all this water by early afternoon.
That is just crazy! But I am still chugging along!
 For me this is all new I have NEVER drank this much water.I think it takes time getting use to ingesting this much and learning how to plan out your day to do so. I don't think it is as simple as just drinking water.It will be mid afternoon and I look over and realize I have not been drinking my water.
I will say this...I am sleeping better!!!!! Can you believe that. I wake up having to pee my pants and I am wide awake. I don't feel sluggish or fatigued. Usually I just want to lay back down and sleep all day. All week I have been up early morning. That is not a coincidence! I have been struggling with this for years. Now all of sudden I start drinking a crap load of water and I am sleeping better?? I mean they have to be connected right? Even if I am not getting all 108 Ounces which is my Optimal amount. I think my lower amount is 90 and I have been getting in at least 70. It is a HUGE difference from where I was at. 2-16.9 Ounce bottles if that! I think there may even be some other changes that I will keep to my self for now. I don't want to jinx it. So I will let you know in a few weeks if it definitely due to the water.
Yesterday Jack came home with sugar free coolade fizz tablets that you add to water.
These things are actually pretty good. It calls for 2 tabs. But I think one would be plenty.Just enough to add a tad bit of flavor. I think this will help when I am trying to get that last bit in. But I don't want to get to use to adding to my water. I want to stay as pure as possible.
You will not believe this.
I do calorie counting. I add everything. Every piece of lettuce. You name it. It gets added.
This thing is so cool.I am using a site called
It shows you EVERYTHING. All the nutritional information. It tells it. What you did good on for the day and what you need to improve on. Over the years I have had issues with low potassium. Would you believe all week it has been wayyyyy low. So now I know that I need to add in more foods like bananas,spinach ( which I eat) and Kiwi. I got a list. Which the site provided and some I would never have thought of.
So after I had added every tiny little thing I had eaten today and trust me it adds up fast. It read exactly 1,200 calories !!!!! Amazing right? I wish there was a way for me to send you a link of my food journal but I have not figured that out yet. I am not even sure that I am able to do that at all.
Typically when I would start a diet and I would be journaling on paper. I would write that I had a chicken sandwich and a salad. But I would not count the calories for the sauces and the croutons. I would add a tiny bit of cheese and not add the calories for that. These so called LITTLE add-on's add up very fast. With the site mentioned above I was able to see just how fast those tiny things add up.

You would think that something like counting points would be easier. I think I am more of visual person and kind of a tech geek. So I love being able to punch in all my foods and see all the data that it spits back out at me.So far it's working for me and that's what matters. That one thing that will get us to the finish line and that we will want to continue to use even after to maintain. For everyone it's different. But I think I surly found mine. If you have any questions about it please let me know.


  1. Water was a hard thing for me to drink also and now it's really the only thing I drink. I try to get in most of my water early...before I walk out the door to get my day started. I also take a bottle with me everywhere and sip all day long.

    I have always had trouble keeping a list of what I eat....I admire that. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am going to follow you and see how you do. Looks like you are doing great..

  3. Dawn, Try the website. Even if you mentally keep note through the day and then when you get home spend 20 minutes entering it all. At first it may take longer. But most of us eat similar items and you are able to tag foods. So it is easy to add them.
    Debbie, Thanks..With practice I am getting there. It has not been easy. Good weighins and bad. But I think that is for most people. The trick this time has been to stick with it..haha


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