Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bugs and pictures

I had the worst thing happen today..
I got a virus on my computer..!
Well I don't know if it is a Virus. But it is one of those things that invades your computer.
So I spent hours trying to get this thing off. Till I came across someone saying to go to YOUTUBE!!!
I mean I was trying everything! It would not even let me get to me security software.It has overtaken that.
So I go to YouTube and I type in this crazy thing and by the way it is called..system tools 2011. It comes with it's own desktop icon and everything and don't try rebooting that only makes it worse and then you end up with this nice little screen saver. So I went to YouTube and this guy walks you through the whole process. Then he has you install something called MalwareBytes..Or something like that. This thing then runs on my computer for 2 hours!! I had security software on my computer. But this found 268 files of spy ware on my computer. It is now running so much better!!! So if you ever get that thing. Get on another computer and go to YouTube.


As far as weight loss goes..Tomorrow is suppose to be my weigh day. But of course I am NOT weighing for a month. So I won't be weighing. WOW...That seems so weird..For the first week I wont have to get up and weigh! I don't know yet if that is a good or bad thing. My scales are still in my bathroom. I have yet to put them in a box. I am wondering..Do I have the will power to leave them there??

A few months back I took a picture of myself standing sideways in the bathroom wearing nothing but a black sports bra and a pair of pants. This was a couple of months ago and how ever many pounds. Then last night I did the same thing. I wish I had the time stamp on last time. But anyways..I loaded the pictures on my computer last night..I just wanted to cry!!! The difference was amazing!!!! I never expected such a difference because the pounds lost was not that much. But you can really tell in my stomach,face,arms..everywhere. I am not ready just yet to post those pics on my Blog..I am bearing quite a bit!! I will eventually! But just thought I would share it with you! So even if you are not noticing that many pounds on the scale..Just know that there are some differences being made.

There is a picture up there where I weighed 203. Stupid me I took those pics in dark clothing. Well I am 20 pounds less then I was in those pics. I am going to take them again in the same clothes and in the same spot. I have some where I lifted my shirt. So I will do the same and see how that goes..Don't worry I had a sports bra on..Hahaha


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your bug.... I hope you get all the nasties off your 'puter!

    And congrats on the NSV!! I say "NSV" because you're not weighing for a month!

  2. Renea, yeah yeah yeah for happy progress pics!!

  3. YAY can't wait to see the pics!!! And so sorry about that virus, but glad you got it fixed!

    Polar's Mom


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