Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a go ( :

I have NOT changed my mind...

I have given myself a couple of days to decided if I want to take the month and not weigh.
I am going to go ahead with it.
I want to take that month to focus on me..To focus on my eating and my exercise most of all..
I feel like I am capable of losing more then I am.
Even if I don't that is fine. But there is no harm in trying and seeing what I am capable of.

I always have good intentions..By the end of the day I have all these really good plans then I wake the next day feeling like crap and then all of that goes out the window. So it makes it hard. But I am going to do my best. Even if I have to do the bulk of what it is that I need to get done when I am feeling my best.
Whether that be 2PM or 2AM..I just never know.

My feeling on it is this..If I am doing everything that I should be doing....Eating right,exercising and sleeping then I should not have anything to worry about. RIGHT???

When I am weighing every week I find that it sneaks up on me really quick and the day before I am stressed about what I am eating and it is not consistent. Well what if it was consistent??? Consistent from day 1-30?? I don't know about you..But the day after I feel like I can breath a little bit because...well I just weighed and I don't have to for another 7 days. Then 2 days before I weigh I start thinking about it again. So once again I change it up again and start cutting stuff out and get really strict.
This is how EVERY week goes..Then there is the week of TOM..It is pretty much the same with the added sweets.. Well...I always have added sweets but lets just double it!!!

So I want to take this month to learn to eat the same way from day 1-30 with no fluctuation..
No mind games!!! No having to think about the scale..How great will that be!
Then how fun will it be to see what my loss is come the end of the month.
Why would I NOT have a loss if I am doing everything right?

So I have one more day..I have not stepped on the scale not once this week!
Tomorrow is the day..Then Thursday is the countdown!


My MS has hit me really hard right now..Currently I am in a MS flare..So bad that both my hands and arms are numb. The prickly numb and it completely annoying. I layed on the sofa yesterday just PISSED off..Sometimes I am just MAD about the whole situation..I guess you for one would have to know what it feels like and know what it feels like to be on huge does of steroids..When I went and seen my nuro recently it had just started in my fingertips..We had thought that it was a result of a resent seizure that I had. NOPE I was wrong about that!!! So I am going to give it another day and if it does not let up then I will call and start the steroids.


  1. I don't think you should give it another day, it has been more than 3 days... and they say to call if it lasts longer than 3 days.

    I am so excited to just focus on me and not worry about the scale, I did weigh in, but I didnt look, Kris did. He didn't tell me anything which is kind of annoying and he took the scale with him in the car!! LOL!! I am so excited to see what happens!! Wish you the best of luck!! :)

  2. Awesome!! When I did this for three weeks I totally improved my eating habits and my thoughts toward the scale. Even though I am back to weighing daily right now, I have kept my healthier habits and attitude and am going to go back to weekly or monthly weighing soon.

    I don't freak out anymore when I see a small gain because I know I'm eating right/ working out and it is just a fluctuation. It makes it easier to stick with it.

  3. Good luck on this!! I am too scared to forget the scale- I'm afraid I wouldn't be as mindful in my eating. I'm one of those people who weighs daily- it's what works for me. I'm interested in seeing how you like this and how much you lose!

  4. Focusing on the food and exercise has been VERY helpful for me. I was weighing several times a day and beating myself up every other morning because of the natural fluctuations and water weight. I vowed not to weigh in January - made it 15 days. But, considering my past with the scale, I think I did pretty good. I haven't weighed since, but I seem to care less about it. If I look at where I was on Dec 15, compared to Jan 15 I lost 7 pounds. For me, that is a HUGE month. Maybe the most I've lost in a 30 day period post op - and keep in mind that was with the holidays. So, I definitely think you are going to see great results! Good luck!

  5. I wish you the absolute best of luck! Looking forward to seeing the progress.

    Polar's Mom

  6. Good luck on staying off the scale. It's tough to do. I hope you find some relief soon.


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