Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night...30 Days of pictures

We usually go to the same old restaurants but decided to try somewhere new last night and went to somewhere called abuelos It has been around for a long time. From the outside it looks pretty fancy and also when you walk in. From the menu online their food looks really good!!
The chips and salsa came and it was pretty good..Nothing to rave about but was good. I always judge a Mexican food restaurant by their chips and salsa..Well part of it anyways..They had some good looking stuff on the menu. But also some very fattening stuff!!! So I decided I would just go with the usual and I ordered a taco and tostada combo. From the second they set the plate in front of me. I knew I would NOT like it. They put some much money in the DECOR and NOT in the food!! There was like 3 shreds of lettuce on both my taco and my tostada..It was ridiculous..Typically I would complain. But I am trying to be better about that.Jack ordered some kind of combo plate and told me his tasted like some kind of bad catered food..Now trust me..We are NOT food snobs..We like Mexican food and we know good Mexican food and THIS IS NOT!!!!! Mexican food should have cheese on it right?? Regardless of if you are dieting...There was no cheese on my taco and like 4 shreds on my tostada. Enough that I could count them..lets just say we will NEVER be going back there!! The worst part is..I even have to burn those calories off!!!

Taken last night.

Afterwards we went and seen the movie Black Swan. It was a very good movie..It kept me and Jack entertained. I was not sure because of the whole ballerina thing..But it had enough other stuff going on and it was not too fru fru..If you know what I mean..

Today I am back to dealing with my MS and lots of numbness in my hands. So looks like I have no choice but to call my Nuro on Monday. I have not till now because I hate the steroids. So I avoid them at all cost. But the day I went to see my nuro the NP had told me not to let things like this go and it had just started that day! I have let it go for almost 2 weeks now. So I guess it is time to put a stop to it with drugs!

Due to not feeling well I am on a wacky sleep schedule. I slept all day today. When you have hands that feel like mine do..The last thing you want to do is be awake and have to deal with it. So I slept till 7PM today. We are actually going to do a 3AM shopping trip at walmart later. I love doing that. No one is there!
30 days of pictures

Day 11 Something that I hate
I have to go through all of these boxes to have a garage sell..Plus whats in my house..UGH!!!!!!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. What a bummer on the dinner not being good. Have fun at walmart. Pre baby we would do crazy hour store runs too

  2. Sorry that the dinner sucked. We don't go out to eat much so when we do I want it to be GOOD!

    We had a date afternoon yesterday - we also went to see Black Swan (LOVED it - but we are big Darren Aronofsky fans, he's the director) and then went out for coffee at our favorite coffee shop with a friend. I love dates s freaking much.

    Beautiful pic!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bad food... I truly hate when that happens..

    I love garage sales - just hate having them!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey, thanks for sharing your Flatout Italian Pizza idea, on my list of things to try now :-)

    I like to try new restaraunts too, and sometimes they just suck suck suck. It happens, which as you know sucks, but kudos to you for being adventurous.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Sucks that your hands are numb! I'm not a fan of Abuelo's either. I've been to the one by Chandler Mall twice and just wasn't impressed. I just as soon go to Macayo's or Julio G's.

  6. OOO I love your pink bike in the garage pictures!!


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