Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recovering and getting back to it!

This has been a weekend spent spending most of it resting in bed. Having a seizure takes A LOT out of me. As if I don't already have a ton of fatigue from the MS then you add a seizure to it..Well I just want to sleep allllll day and that is pretty much what I have done. I can recall a few times over the last two days where Jack would come in and ask if I was OK?? Other then that I was sleeping!

I am up now and have spent a few hours getting caught up on some blogs,FB etc etc...

Food well I have been tracking what I have been eating but I have not really cared what I would eat. The other night I think it was Friday Jack sent me a text and asked if it would be OK if this one time if he could pick up a pizza? Basha's which is our local grocery store makes pizza and they are really good. They have to be the best pizza. They use a brick oven and everything and they are really cheap! They don't use any preservatives or anything! So I said fine. This one time! I just did not care. He ended up dishing me up what he use to. Which was 2 HUGE pieces. Which was pretty much 4 pieces or 3 very LARGE pieces. I ate the one small piece and half of the really LARGE one..I was good not stuffed or anything. I ate ham and pineapple.It was really good. But I knew better then to eat what was on my plate!
Then without me even having to tell him. He said that he put the rest of it in the freezer. He said that there was still just as much left as what we ate! When I started this I never said I would NEVER again have pizza or Mexican food. I would not be able to do this that way. No one can. I think that is why so many people give up. They think that it is a all or nothing deal.
But as usual I am right back on track. It was just one meal not one day.

Yesterday was the first day that we rode our bikes that we got for Christmas. It was a short ride. It took forever trying to adjust my new bike seat. My legs are really short. So we were trying to get the seat just right. I think it still needs some adjustments. But we did a mile and a half. I did not want to do to much and then be down for a week on top of what I am already going through.So little by little I will work up to more.I was so very scared at first. I have not been on a bike in years and my balance was way off with my MS. But I do have a bike helmet. So I am really safe and everything.But I am really wobbly. I will get better with time! I am just not going to let this CRAPPY disease hold me back for another day!

I went to the pharmacy and picked up my new script that my neurologist gave me. I thought it was Paxil but it is Zoloft. So I started that Yesterday. We will see how that goes. This week I am sure I will hear from the company that will be delivering my Copaxone shots. They always want to come out and go over everything with you and show you how to give your self the shots even if you have done it before. I am wondering if any of this is going to halt my weight loss? I forgot to ask those questions. So if anyone takes Zoloft or Copaxone if you could let me know I would appreciate it! I have been on Copaxone but I don't remember if I gained weight or lost while on it.

We have a room in our house that we call the workout room.. We should call it the dark hole because we never go in there and it is off on the other side of the house where no one goes. So I told Jack that I want him to move the treadmill out here. My doctor told me that it is more beneficial to me if I get on my treadmill 10 minutes at a time multiple times a day then doing it all at once. I am one that likes things in their place. So to have a treadmill in my living room makes me want to cringe!!!! But I am just going to go with it! Where it is now It is out of sight out of mind. In the summer I use it because it is too hot outside. But right now I would use it more if I could just get on it whenever.

Other then that it is Sunday...Dinner with Jack! He goes back to work tomorrow which I hate!
We are having a late dinner since he was putting away our Christmas tree.
With everything that has been going on we had yet to put away all the holiday stuff.
I am looking forward to the start of a new week!


  1. I'm so glad you're up and around! I love you're attitude!! Don't allow this thing to get you down... It sounds like you've picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and got right back on that horse!

    (((hugggsss))) to you!

  2. Copaxone will not interupt your weight loss journey at all, that is was I am on as well! in fact since being on it, my MS has improved dramatically! I am sure the weight loss and healthy eating has taken a big part too, but yeah, Copaxone wont bother your weight loss at all. I do get a big red bump, and sometimes a bruise, but it goes away in a few days. After the injection I use ice to help the swelling of the bump stay down. But I know a few people who use heat instead. I am glad you got back on a medication! hopefully it helps you move in a positive direction too!! :)

  3. I was pretty much reffering to you Trisha LOL..I guess I could have asked you out right! I dont remember in the past what it did with my weight.I am dreading the burning. I suffer from really bad burning in the shot site for hours! Not looking forward to it. But I know it needs to be done!

  4. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. ((hugs))

  5. So glad you're doing a bit better and good for you going on that bike ride. :) Before I settled on Wellbutrin, I went through several anti-depressants, but I don't ever recall taking Zoloft. Wellbutrin is the only one that doesn't make me feel like I'm starving all the time or make my hands tremble.

  6. I'm glad that you're feeling a little better. *HUGS*

    Eating pizza now and again is ok. You didn't go off track if you consciously ate until you were full- it's just part of living to eat foods like that. :)

  7. I'm just glad your feeling better!
    I took Zoloft and it worked well for me.
    Way to go on getting out for that bike ride! If i tried that here i'd turn into a popsicle, sugar free of course :)


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