Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I decided it was time to get a few things done.
One of those things was cleaning out the pantry. Before we moved 8 months or so ago I had cleaned out my pantry some. But obviously not enough. At the other house I had two pantry's. I use to be a HUGE coupon user and would buy in bulk. I don't do that so much anymore. Especially now with eating healthy there really are not many coupons for healthy products. I don't care what anyone says. You may come across a coupon for a bag of salad once a year but other then that it is processed foods. Plus I don't buy bagged salad.Hahaha..Yeah that it is about it..Other then the occasional soy milk..Now OK..You can also find coupons for lunch meat etc..So there are a few! But before I was eating healthy I was buying 5 Sunday papers a weeks worth of coupons..So there is a BIG difference! PLUS printing online!!!

So..I started by pulling EVERYTHING out of the pantry.
Separating it between stuff that I knew I wanted,baking stuff for next year,donation,and expired...When I say expired!! OMG!!! There was some stuff in there from 06 I am NOT kidding! I can't remember what exactly. I think it was a bag of egg noodles or something. I had a lot of 09..That was some big bags of pasta and some cereal.Makes me mad that I let it go to waste.


As I was going through my pantry I would look at one thing and wanted to keep it but then would say to Jack but look at all the crap that is in it..So he would say to get rid of it. It made no sense.If I was going to keep one thing then I might as well keep it all. The point of clean eating is to not eat any of it right?Supposedly you get one free day like if you go to a restaurant or something. But I am not following someone else's plan. So for some book(which I don't have) or a website or a person to say that I have a free day means nothing to me. If I chose now to have a free day that is a different story.Thus far I eat 99% clean. Like tonight for instance the tacos we had the flour tortillas are not clean. When I told Jack to get something healthy he went by calories which is usually what I would want him to do. He said that the whole wheat ones had more calories. So I did not complain. I just went with it.

I had just as much throw away as I did donate. In the donate it was a lot of noodles,cake mixes,brownies,cookies,potatoes..All processed stuff!
I also has lots of pudding mix..I kinda wanted to hold onto some of the pudding or the potato mixes. But that is just me being lazy. If I was going to keep one then I should just keep all. That is when jack said just get rid of it! I thought well what if one night I want to make those potatoes..Lets see...23 weeks in and I have not yet! I think I will be OK! Plus I am much better off with a REAL potato.



Then later tonight we had left over tacos for dinner. They were just as good as last night
Then I got a sweet tooth..So I was like man ice cream sounds so good. He says you want me to go get some?? I said NOOOO!!! I am NOT suppose to have ice cream. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of frozen bananas and I never have made banana ice cream when you just blend bananas. So that was what I made for dessert. I have never done it before and it was really hard to get them to blend so I added a couple TBS of soy milk..It was really good. I think Jack even liked it more then I did!



  1. Sorting out the pantry is a great way to stay on plan!!
    I love soft serve bananas, i add a bit of protein to them :)

  2. Wow, way to go on your pantry!! Its such an eye opener isn't it!

  3. I'm one who needs to clean out the pantry and cupboards about every six weeks or so - if not, I know that I would have at least as many bags! Good for you! Clean out the junk in AND out!!

  4. There is something to throwing things out & getting rid of stuff you don't need. I love it, I love getting rid of old clothes that are big on me, I love getting rid of clutter. Get all the bad stuff out!

  5. Cleaning out the pantry is a huge step, and you did a fantastic job. Isn't it unreal how much crap is in the food we think is healthy for us?? I plan on going through our pantry tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll have a huge donate box. :) Keep on keeping on hon!

  6. Great job ridding yourself of temptations! You're doing fabulously! :)

    Dunno if I've commented before, but I'm a new follower. :)


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