Tuesday, January 11, 2011

one/oneone/oneone BIG CHANGES!!!

2011 there are going to be some big changes..

There are many changes that I my self have been making then after seeing my Neurologist we talked about things that I can also do to improve my quality of life..

Starting Physical therapy eventually.This will help keep my muscles moving and toned since I am am really weak on my left side.
Treadmill 10 minutes as many times day as possible
Weight Training which I will add after I start physical therapy but little by little I am doing free weights
Starting Copaxone again
Anti Depressant
Starting a sleep schedule

I started my new sleep schedule last night. I went to bed later then planned but was in bed  at 1AM and slept later then planned but was up at 10:30. Normally I want to be in bed no later then 12 AM and up no later then 10AM

With all of these changes I am curious to look back 6 months from now and see how different I feel.

Tomorrow is weigh in day..Anymore they are getting repetitive!
This week I struggled with staying at 1200 calories. Most days I was right around 1700. It had everything to do with my sleep schedule. I would get hungry late at night and end up having toast.
I am also battling this stupid honey and ice cream!!! I have no plans on giving up ice cream. Everything in moderation. But for some reason honey seems to be the one thing that I just seem to have an issue with. I don't get it because I never had an issue with it before? So why now when I am eating healthy is honey a problem? I don't eat anything processed. I don't eat white flour. I don't even buy crackers or eat cereal yet honey is my problem?? Probably keeping me from losing an extra pound here and there. I need to just STOP buying it!!! PERIOD!!!! So Jack if you are reading this?? Don't buy it!!! Hahahha

Is it possible that my body is saying...You know what I like this weight!!!! I think I will hang out here??

I also just need to do what I keep saying that I am going to do.
This is the plan and I need to stick to it...
1200 calories for 3 weeks.
1600 calories for 1 week.

I am tracking what I am eating. Jack bought me a daily planner. Later today or tonight I will take a few pictures and do another post so you can see how I am tracking my calories! I was using caloriecount.com and I still do from time to time if I need to look something up. But I find it easier to just write it down.


  1. I find it much easier to right everything down, and when I am not sure of the value, look it up online, and I always go with the highest number. Another weird thing we have in common... my left side is the side that is effected too!! I'm telling you, I think you were sent to help guide me throw my crazy out of control life! ;)

  2. I'm not a big fan of tracking but it does help!

    I live in Rancho El Dorado. We rent and that was one of the conditions - we wanted to be in one of the first 2 neighborhoods. The utilities are freakin' ridiculous!!! We determined that we could spend a little more on rent and live in town with what we'll save in utilities. Before moving to Maricopa, we lived by Chandler Mall. Ah - I miss it.


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