Friday, January 28, 2011

I eat a lot different!

I was sitting here tonight thinking back to the way things once were..

I was reading a blog..She was talking about her grocery list and what to buy. She did not know what to eat for Breakfast,Lunch or Dinner.
I have never really had that issue. For one I love to cook. So if I am craving something then I can just make it or if I want to be really creative I will start searching the Internet for a new recipe.
But 99% of the time we already know what we are going to have for dinner. Jack will say what do you want to have? I will think for a out a few things and then we will decide from there. We ALWAYS go shopping together so we know what is on the menu. We also crave the same foods.

Tonight was another one of my NOT SO GREAT DAYS!!! So I was in bed when Jack got home. So once he got settled and everything and was already in his PJ's he said did you get my message? I said no I have not checked anything. He said I left a message asking if you wanted me to pick up Taco Bell..I said..See ya in a bit..Then I started looking it up online..Now when he said TB he meant the health TB..Well as healthy as you can get..I forget what it is called but it has no cheese or sour cream. But when I pulled up the nutritional info for what I WAS going to get it had like 1800 in sodium and still 15 in fat and the calories were 450..I was going to get 2 chicken soft tacos and a crunchy taco. I use to get two taco supremes,nacho supreme and 2 cinnamon twist..WoW how things have changed..After reading the nutritional info..I said if I get on the scale in 3 week and I lose 2 pounds because of taco bell I am gonna be really upset..It is NOT worth it..So I made FlATOUT PIZZA..They are better anyways..YES I was craving mexican food. But I will wait and MAKE healthier mexican food. I have the stuff. So maybe tomorrow night I will come up with some kinda chicken tacos.

Anyways..I started thinking after reading the other blog about the food that we buy now compared to the food that we use to buy. I mean there is a HUGE difference..It is MASSIVE!!!!
There is NO WAY that a person can not over time lose weight with the way that I am eating. There is just no way. Now I must say if anything my sugar is a bit high. There is always going to be something.
I will always look at my diet and say sodium needs work or my carbs are a bit high. sugar needs work and it is the darn honey. But I freakin LOVE honey! If I was not having honey once or twice a day what else would I be eating and I am NOT eating as much as I was when I was still eating ice cream.

I can remember times before I was eating healthy when I would tell Jack at some point I am going to have to start eating healthy. I can't just keep eating this way and he would nod his head. i don't think that he really ever though that I would do it! I don't think that I ever really though that I would do it. Now it is strange to me to NOT get up in the morning and the first thing I do is have an orange. I MUST have that orange. I remember having ice cream for breakfast!!!!Plus since when would I ever cook oats and eat them for breakfast. A year ago that is something I would NEVER do.

Would you believe that I have NEVER gone through my pantry and thrown out all the junk food!
I don't think there is much in there. There may be a few boxes of cake mix. I do know that. There is also some brownie mix.I have been meaning to go through it forever..I just have not gotten around to it. I really need to do that this week!

I have plans to show everyone what my food pantry looks like and what it is that I do eat.. So you can look forward to that.
It will happen in the next 3 weeks.
I will go over what I eat all month long. Trust me...It does not change much!

I did my first order with I got some great stuff. I can't wait till I get my order.
I will also share with you what I got when I show you my pantry.

Last night after I told you that I did the treadmill but did not do the kettle bell I took a shower and figured I was done for the day.
Well I started watching one of my recorded shows..Housewife's of beverly hills..Some of them are in such great shape. So I got on the floor while watching my show and decided that I would do some floor exercises. I got my blanket and a small pillow. Let me tell ya..My legs were a burning!!!!
I was hoping that I would feel it this morning but I did not. Feeling it is a sign that it is working. So I will do it again tonight and try and do more sets.

If I am doing everything that I should be doing then I should not have this fear of the scale right??
So why do I have a fear of it all of a sudden?
I have not moved it. They are both still sitting on my bathroom floor.
I have had a plateau where I did not lose anything for over a month. What if that happens again and I go all 4 weeks and lose nothing!! What if I gain!!! OMG
These were some of my worries with not weighing because you just don't know.
I was not one to weigh every day. I stuck to weighing weekly..
Just some thoughts running through my head..The what ifs...


  1. Good job on resisiting the taco bell temptations!

    I LOVE getting my excercise in while watching my recorded shows. Time flies by so fast.

  2. Girl everytime I see Camille Grammar it makes me want to eat-girl needs a cookie!!
    As for the chicken tacos, I recommend Mama Lupe's low carb tortillas from Netrition. They come frozen but are nice and chewy like fresh made not bready like store bought. And 60 cals a piece!! I have been mixing lean meat or chicken with light laughing cow cheese till it is all gooey, then throw it on a Mama Lupe, with some tomatoes, lettuce, and jalapenos. Too freaking good.
    Don't sweat the weigh in, if you have been a good girl, you will be rewarded. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  3. Okay, take a deep breath ... you won't gain so get that out of your head right now, young lady. Like you said, you're doing every thing right, so I would almost guarantee that you'll see some type of loss when it's time for you to weigh-in. Just think positive! I can't wait to see what you got from Netrition. Don't forget the pics! :)

  4. I have a dear friend with MS in AZ and she's thriving. I spend a lot of time in PHX and anytime we workout or hike, she's lapping me! So encouraging.

    You are at such an advantage to enjoy and be able to cook. With it being just me, it's really hard for me to get motivated to make meals and I'm not a fan of leftover. You have to post some of your recipes sometime! :)


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