Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 Days Of Pictures

I am soooo stealing this cute idea from my friend and fellow bloggerTRISHA.
This is not a challenge. It is just a cute fun way for us bloggers to get to know each other.

Day 1
A Photo of yourself and 15 facts.
Taken last night! No makeup..NADA..EKKKK.My sweet Bella.
15 FACTS about myself

1. When pictures are taken my left eye closes half way..
2. I have a bug phobia. I HATE ROACHES!! But run from any tiny bug and Jack has to smush them.
3. I am allergic to ants,bees,avocado,and berries but I will still eat some berries.
4. I love electronics..Especially computers.
5. My favorite board game is scrabble
6. I originally purposed to my husband. But he later got on one knee with a ring on January 10 1996
7. My hair grows twice as long as it should
8. I am allergic to all jewelry other then 24K Gold. Even then after wearing it all day. My ears get irritated.
9. I love scary movies but hate Horror movies.
10. I have 3 children and they walk on all 4's
11. I am an Arizona native
12. I am OCD..It Takes me forever to leave the house and we are always late to where ever we are going.So now you all know why we are late.
13. I like being alone but the second Jack leaves I am scared and every noise freaks me out!
14. My favorite time of day is sunset and I love peace and quite!
15. I went 10 years without a drivers license and had no idea!!!  That was until an insurance company did their job and checked. This was just last year. I was blown away. Good thing I was never pulled over!

What's to come....
2. A picture of you and person you’ve been the closest with the longest
3. A picture of the cast of your favourite show
4. A picture of your night
5. A picture of your favourite memory
6. A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day
7. A picture of most treasured item
8. A picture that makes you laugh
9. A picture of a person who has gotten you through the most
10. A picture of the person you do the most fucked up things with
11. A picture of something you hate
12. A picture of something you love
13. A picture of your favourite band or artist
14. A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
15. A picture of something you want to do before you die
16. A picture of someone who inspires you
17. A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
18. A picture of your biggest insecurity
19. A picture of you when you were little
20. A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel
21. A picture of something you wish you could forget
22. A picture of something you wish you were better at
23. A picture of your favourite book
24. A picture of something you wish you could change
25. A picture of your day
26. A picture of something that means a lot to you
27. A picture of yourself and a family member
28. A picture of something your afraid of
29. A picture that can always make you smile
30. A picture of someone you miss


  1. That is crazy that you went that long with no DL!!! And didnt even know it!! Bella is so cute! We are both AZ peeps ;)

  2. I love that more people are doing this one. I'll be posting my Day 6 tomorrow :>

  3. Love the picture. I keep seeing this game everywhere. I might end up having to do this. ;)

  4. This is a neat idea. Might have to do this one. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You just won an award, check it out on my page ;)

  6. Love this post! Such cute fun facts about you, I share several of them. :)


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