Monday, June 6, 2011

Updates..Monday weigh_in & life

My OFFICIAL weigh in this morning..171. So I am down 4.5 pounds in 3 weeks.. I am good with that!
The scale actually read 169.5 this morning. I got on then off.. On then off..About 5 times. Then it read 171.. I am going with 171. I have a doc appointment on Thursday and it is usually right on. My scale has been wacky lately! It is Right 90% of the time. 171 seems to be more accurate to me.I will weigh again later today or tomorrow and see if it is still around the same.( I am not eating much lately) But truthfully....The number is not really a big deal. I want to get to the 60's but I remember when I was fighting to get out of 184..I HATED that number!! Now all my clothes are falling off. So I am going more by how my clothes fit and how I feel. Not so much by what the scale reads. That is why I have not been so consistent with my weigh-ins.It is just not as important to me. I mean sure it is important that I don't let it creep back up..But it won't..I would NEVER..EVER go back to the way I use to eat..EVER!!! So that would not happen. It comes down to the littlest things..WATER..Who would have thought that your body requires as much water as it does. I don't think that most people understand that if you JUST drink more water that you will lose weight JUST doing that! I don't drink ANYTHING else. I do have ONE diet soda at night with dinner and I am not even sure why I do that. I am now drinking Diet Right I think it is called. It has no caffeine,sodium..NADA..My aunt Becky recommended it..So I have one glass at night. Other then that it is water all day. I feel as though I would die with out it! I know that sounds drastic. I guess now that I drink a certain amount my body just will NOT allow me to have any less.

You all have been so honest and forthcoming with me. So I know that I am able to be the same with you when it comes to talking about what is going on in my life right now.
Thank you for all of the support that I have received. Me and my husband feel VERY alone right now. So I appreciate it more then you will know. So thanks for the emails and comments.
Manda_In a perfect world ( : back to the east valley.Tempe,Chandler,Mesa..God Willing

My husband called our landlord this morning and he will be coming over tomorrow morning. That is when we will tell him what has happened.
When I say..We will be Homeless..I am NOT kidding! When you live paycheck to paycheck and then that paycheck is no longer there?? Well you get the picture. My husband has been in the business he is in for 15 years. Then we had our own business in between there for 5 years. So we have never had to think about this..Up until recently..I seen this coming.. He did not! But I would mention it to him but they kept him so busy at his job that he could not keep up. So really it makes no sense as to who is doing his job.
Tomorrow and what our current landlord has to say will determine what our decisions from here on out will be.


  1. Wishing the best of luck with the land lord. Maybe he will lower the rent for you until you can find a more affordable place? I am praying that you two are able to find an affordable place ASAP! :( You do not need this amount of stress with the heat... I can't even imagine having to deal with all of this and MS.

    I am a HUGE Diet Rite fan. They have 3 flavors too. White grape, tangerine (may be spelt wrong) and cola. They are so awesome!! And WAY cheaper than coke and pepsi.

  2. Hubby and I just got out of Maricopa a couple weeks ago and are so glad we did. Saving a bundle on gas since we both work "in town." Sending good job hunting thoughts your hubby's way...


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