Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where do I start?

We went out last night and used a certificate at a Greek restaurant..So you really end up paying next to nothing..
As far as calories go..I did not give a shit!!! You heard me right!! I had fried calamari..I even had cheesecake. I was still down on the scale today...(  ;
This was my test and I FAILED BIG TIME!!!! I just REALLY needed to get out of the house..
I sit in this house and cry..Thinking about the fact that 3 weeks from now..WE WILL BE HOMELESS!!!
I have already started packing. Yet we have no place to go.Do you have any idea what that feels like??
You don't want to!!

I don't even know where to begin..Jack just keeps cleaning..He cleans when he wants to keep shit off his mind!
His phone rings non-stop and dings non-stop with with emails from people from work giving him job leads..The days he left and the guy that had to do the "walk" said he had never seen a send off like he got.(They laid of about 500 Jobs) People were even crying! He was loved at his job! So people are really trying to help him get another job somewhere else.But it does not help out current situation. Since we live pay check to pay check. We have no choice but to move from where we are now because with out a check coming in every week we can't pay out rent.

I wish it was as simple as me going back to work. We even talked about that. But I have MAJOR vision issues. I am not even suppose to drive. We have one running vehicle right now and Jack will need that to find work.My profession was hair and there is NO WAY I could go back to that and since that is the ONLY thing that I could make money at right now. HE is our best bet.

So I am just going to keep packing..Why did this have to happen at all but in the summer!!!


  1. It will all plan itself out and be okay!


  2. So sorry you're going through this. Any ideas where you may move? It sounds like your hubby has lots of people looking out for him. I'm sure he'll find something soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...


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