Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Monday morning I actually forgot to weigh in!
I know...LOL
I just have not got back to swing of things. So I don't wake up on Monday morning thinking about weighing in.
Since I forgot I did remember this morning...174.5 That is my OFFICIAL weigh in!
So this is where I start AGAIN...

I have to admit. For me eating pretty much WHATEVER I wanted for 2 plus months. 4.5 Pound GAIN is not that bad. But when I look at the fact that I could have had 2 MONTHS of Loss..That is when it really sucks!

I am just happy I am not too far from where I left off.


  1. I think all in all, yeah you could of had a huge loss, however, you got hit with huge blows, life altering blows, and you handled them better than I would have. I mean, hell better than a lot of people would have, and your MS didnt relapse and you didnt end up in the hospital. So that is a win at least. So yeah you are up two pounds each month... but, you stayed out of the hospital. and you know what you did wrong, so you know how to fix it!! that to me, is a win.


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