Friday, October 14, 2011

A new start!

I am still here and eating healthy..
I have been dealing with my MS lately and not so focused on losing weight.
When my MS gets this bad it is all I can focus on.

The weather is changing in Arizona so hopefully that will also make my health improve as well.
Not paying attention to every single thing that I eat has not effected my weight. I am not losing but not gaining either.
My body likes the current weight it is at. Everyone has a weight that your body gets comfortable at.Mine happens to be about 30 pounds more then I would like it to be.
I am proud of the weight that I did lose but I know that I would be even happier if I can break out of the 170's.

So that is my next goal..
My eating has not really changed..I may eat out a few more times then I use to. But when I am home I eat the same way.
That has helped me not to gain the weight back.
So if I want to lose more weight I know that I am going to have to change my diet to shock my system. So right now I am just trying to find the right plan for me.
I am not going to follow anything like Weight Watchers.Been there done that. It does not work for me. But clean eating does! So if I go back to being as strict as I was 9 months ago the weight should start coming off again. It is trying to get back to that point. It has been a while since I have been that strict with my diet!

I will probably keep my weigh-in day as Monday. But I weighed today since I have not been on the scale for a few months. I weighed in at 173.5 That is 3.5 pounds from my lowest weight.

Looking forward to a new start!!!

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  1. Hi there, just been reading your blog! I love it. How are you getting on since your last post?


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