Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OMG..I can't Believe How long it has been since my last post..I guess I was not sure this Blog thing was for me..Or if I just wanted to keep it to myslef..
Ok so I dont think I was truly ready..I kept it up for about 3 weeks and that was it..
I got the treadmill and I was on it every day for about a week and then the MS hit..So out of frustration and sadness I started to eat AGAIN...I mean i really need to find a way to get passed this emotional eating and find a new way to deal with my emotions...

So here we go...ROUND 2
Today started off good..This morning I had 2 eggs, whole wheat toast, sugar free jam and butter spray...6 points..For Lunch I had Weight Watchers Marinara Angel Hair..It was ok. I am not a big fan of frozen entrees..But they were on sale for a $1..So I bought a few..I dont think I will be buying this one again ! Blah
I am doing Weight Watchers for the 10th time. It is the only program that I have ever consistently lost weight on..But about week 3 I get fed up with all the point counting..
I mean I am home all day not like I dont have the time to write down what I eat and the points.
I was gonna try and make a template on Microsoft..Uh I dont know how to do that.Then I came across one that was already made up and all I had to do was tweak it a bit and walla..I now have a tracker where I can keep track of everything I eat and the points..
So I am off to a great start..I had every intention of getting on the treadmill but with this headache I have..It will just make it worse.So instead I have some stuff I need to get done around the house..
I am new at this whole blog thing.. So give me some time and I will figure out how to post my before pics and all that great stuff...
So wish me luck...I hope by christmas I can atleats get into my favorite Jeans that no longer fit !

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