Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Dance

I never thought I would be saying this...

I am 4 weeks in and 8 pounds lost !
In the past I never made it further then 3 weeks and even then. I was never completely OP.
This time around is so different.
It may have something to do with having support. I have my great friend Trish and all the ladies on the WW board and of course Jack.

I mean don't get me wrong this is a battle and it always will be.
But I am enjoying this journey. I am excited to see what the scale reads because I know that I have been OP. This past week I was not so sure but only because It was that time of the month.
But I took some advice I was given and got on the scale anyways. I was scared to death.

I woke up..Rolled over and looked into the bathroom.
Did my morning duties..Peeing,brushing my teeth and the what not..
I stepped up to the scale and stood there for a minute as I always do.
"I did good this week. I stayed OP. I ate what I should. I tracked everything. I was mentally happy with what was happening. So I will be OK with whatever this scale reads and if I have a gain I will move on and try harder next week" Take another deep breath exhale and step on the scale...195 LBS...WOOT WOOT !!!!! Happy Dance...Happy Dance ! Sigh of relief...

It's a complete mind thing when you know that you have done good all week but then come weigh day you are praying in front of the scale as if that will make any kind of difference. What's done is done !

So far so good..1 month down and a lifetime to go.....

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