Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bound to happen..

In the past when I started a "diet" I would always say I want to lose such and such !
I was so determined. This was going to be my time. I was gonna lose this massive amount and nothing would stand in my way.
Now I am not a serial dieter..I have done WW a few times. I started phen phen years ago but only took it for maybe a week. I have had a few Monday starts of eating healthy.
I just don't think that I was ever truly ready for the journey to losing weight. I never knew what it would take to get there. This time around when I started weight watchers I knew I was ready. I am so tired of being "FAT" Not being able to wear what I want. Sometimes not even able to wear what is in my own closet.
So starting out I had this goal in my head of what I wanted to lose overall and what I strive to lose every month. On weight watchers they tell you that 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy weight loss. So I figured 10 pounds a month sounds like a good doable amount. So no matter what I lose per week whether it be 1.5 pounds or .5 pounds I just want it to average collectively 10 pounds per month,. Last month I lost 8 pounds. It's not 10 but I am proud of the 8 pounds. I work hard for every one of those.
Not only did I make it through the month. I made it past the 3 week hump where in the past I always quit. I have not been perfect. I have had days where I don't track and that I don't count my points. But I have stayed OP (on program). There are so many food choices. On weight watchers you can eat whatever you want you just need to work into your day of what you are allowed to consume. So you don't want to eat 1000 calories for breakfast because that won't leave you much for the rest of the day.
Same goes for eating out. In my opinion even if you can get the nutritional values for restaurant food. I don't believe that they are measuring everything so that it equals what they have posted. So really it's an average and you have no idea of knowing if it is 500 calories or 750 calories. The best way to know that what you are eating is really what it states for instance get your salad dressing on the side. You know that a salad full of veggies is just that. But you have no idea how much salad dressing they put on that salad.
I did not go into this saying that I will never eat out. It is not realistic and won't happen. But no matter where you eat there are ways to make healthier choices. It's just a matter of making that choice. Sometimes easier said then done. Especially when you let yourself get overly hungry. Then you are willing to eat anything in site.
DON'T' WE WISH !!!!!
This past weekend Jack had a gift card that he received from his boss to the olive garden. He gets these from time to time and they are great to have when money is tight and we want to go out for a date night. So we chose to use this on Friday night. I went there having no intentions on nit picking what I was going to eat. I had been doing that for 4 weeks. I made sure on our way there ( 45 minute drive) that I would have a low cal snack. That way I was not overly hungry. We were seated at the bar while we waited for our table. The usual 10 minute wait that turns into 30. As we sit at the bar we are offered a menu to look over. I started out by saying that I should not eat anything with cream sauce. Typically when I eat at olive garden I ALWAYS get the cheese ravioli. We are seated just when I notice a card on the table advertising the all you can eat pasta. Now all you can eat anything should always be avoided. But price wise it was a good deal and you could choose from about 6 pastas, 8 sauces and sausage, chicken, or meatballs. So come ordering time. I ordered something I never have and exactly what I said I wouldn't..Portobello cream sauce !!!! With whole wheat pasta. As if that will make a difference.
Our dinner comes to the table and I am blown away at the size of the plate. I showed Jack what a typical serving should be. It was good but nothing to brag about and I ate about half. I even asked our server if anyone asks for thirds and she said YES ! I just can't believe that. I also had 2 bowls of salad and did not even think about the bread.
OK so that was Friday...
Now clearly I needed to go shopping and when you are eating healthy you need to have your house stocked with many healthy choices. Otherwise that's when you make choices to eat fast food. On our way to shop we were both hungry and made the collective decision to eat at McDonald's inside of walmart before shopping.
Eating out once a week is not enough to destroy an entire week. But twice and we are talking cream sauces and fried french fries. I have not eaten this kind of food in over 4 weeks !! It is bound to put your system in shock and it did!! For 2 days I had the worst pain in my side. You spend 4 plus weeks eating veggies and then eat crap it is bound to tie your intestines in nots !
I always know come weigh day if I had a good week. If I have had a good week then I should expect a loss. Unless my body is bloated due to TOM ( time of month). That was last week and surprisingly lost 2.5Lbs.
So come this morning I did my scale ritual. I stand in front of the scale. I say to myself that I am happy with whatever weight it is. That it's just one week. That I am making a change regardless. I am hoping for 2 pounds but I am happy with whatever it happens to be. If I have a gain I will try harder next week. I will learn from what the scale tells me. My weight is evidence of my past week. I take a deep breath exhale and step on the scale..
196.5 a gain of 1.5 pounds
Next week is a new week !

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  1. Switching from cheese noodles to Wheat is a HUGE step!!! You should totally brag about it!! And it does make a difference!! You could have had anything you wanted!! You chose to eat a wiser pasta choice! Be proud! and a gain of 1.5 can be water... food sitting in your belly... all sorts of stuff!! Next week is a new week!! I see... a 2.5 pound loss!!! :D


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