Friday, October 15, 2010


Now to confess....
I have done so good with my eating..I mean REALLY REALLY good..
Last night I just wanted to eat junk food. There was no getting around it.
Well I am sure there was. But I did not want to.

So after Jack worked 12 hours and went grocery shopping. He went and got us Panda Express.
I have yet to look up the nutritional info of what I ate. Which I plan to do.
But I have to tell yah. I enjoyed my dinner. That is really bad !
But if I am not completely honest then I will never lose this weight.

So YES last night I had Panda and enjoyed every yummy bite and was right back on the program after that meal.

That is a MAJOR difference. In the past I would make the choice to have Chinese or a piece of cheesecake then I would beat myself up about it so bad. I would convince myself that I will never lose the weight and quit ! Not this time. I am still in it. One bad meal does not need to lead to another year or years of bad meals.

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