Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here we go again !

It's seems like it has been the longest week ever!
Tomorrow will be my 6th weigh in..I have NEVER on any program made it 6 weeks. EVER!
So I am quite proud of myself for that. You have to realize. I have been overweight to some extent my entire life and have started multiple diet plans and NEVER made it past week 4. So this is amazing
regardless of how much I have lost so far. I know I am healthier for it !

Looking back this has been a good week. I did not eat out once ! That is amazing!
I can't remember many weeks that we have not eaten out.
This week has been lots of soups for dinner. I had a few hungry days. Days where I just can't figure out why I was so hungry. I had about 3 of those days. But looking back on what I ate. I was OK..I pretty much fell within my allowable calorie intake.

I have a real sweet tooth and needed to come up with a go to dessert that was fast and easy and low in calories and I did just that. It's pretty much an apple cobbler baked in the oven but it has no butter.
I will be posting that a little bit later in the month.

So I had a good week ate as well as I think I could have.
Tomorrow is weigh day and as usual I am nervous..
I am always nervous come weigh day and I have had anywhere from a loss of 2.5lbs to a 1.5lb gain and there is really not much difference in what I am eating on those weeks.
So I can only hope that after a gain last week that I will have a loss this week.

Regardless of what the scale reads I am healthier for it..So I will keep going till I reach goal.

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