Friday, October 15, 2010


I started out this time around with a different mind set.
In the past I just wanted to lose the weight no matter what it took.
I would step on the scale hoping for 5 pounds only to see a 1 pound loss if that.
Then I would just give up. That's how I have stayed fat for 35 years!

This time around was different..I know that to keep it off I need to lose 1-2 pounds a week. But I will not complain if I lose more.
But it is not going as I had planned. This past week  lost 1.5lbs which is just what I had gained last week. So I am still at 8 Pounds and 6 weeks in.

I was just reading someones post about losing 10.5 pounds in just under 2 weeks ! WHAT???
I would love to be at 10 pounds and at only week 2. That is crazy! Now I know its water weight and it will even out Blah Blah Blah. But I know that I should be losing more then 8 pounds in 6 weeks !

Part of it may be my fault. I am not working out.
But when you have MS and suffer from severe fatigue it is not that easy.
Is that an excuse? I have asked myself that and NO it is not.
Most days I struggle to get out of bed. I have needed to clean my house for a month.
Last night Jack went grocery shopping after working a 12 hour day.
Having fatigue is not as most people would think. It is not just a matter of being tired.
It's more like a feeling of needing someone to drag you by your arm from room to room.
Everyone with MS has different symptoms and with a different severity. Just happens that I was hit hard with fatigue.
So most days I go from bed to sofa.
The summer is really hard on me and most with MS so I was hoping that as soon as it started to cool down I would feel a bit better. So far not so much. Every year I wait for Halloween. That is when I notice a difference.

I am one that needs everything in it's place. In the past when Jack wanted to move his Total Gym into the kitchen I was like "Heck NO"
Here in this house we have a GYM ROOM but it is in the back of the house. There s a gate in front of the door to keep the dogs out. So it is kinda out of sight outta mind. So I have been thinking of moving it to the living room. I cringe when I think of that! But what can it hurt. My thinking is that I can just jump on whenever I feel up to it. So I am hoping that will help. I am also using my body bar during commercials or while just watching TV. Better then nothing I guess.

So...I am still going strong. I have a few kinks to work out for sure. Plus I need to find a way to up the activity and the weight loss..I am working harder at this then I ever have and I am not seeing the results that I need.

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