Monday, October 11, 2010


The weekend is over !
Weekends are so hard for me. It's the time we spend with our spouses and families.
For me and Jack this is when we shop and yes go out to dinner!
When I started on this new lifestyle it was so very hard to not give into temptation. I knew it would be one of the hardest times for me since it is something we do all weekend. We would go out to dinner on Friday night and sometimes on Saturday after a day of shopping. Then comes Sunday where we would go have breakfast or lunch before grocery shopping. It's something we have done for 15 years so that is a habit that is hard to break. There is no reason why we could not continue it. I would just have to make healthier options. But for me if I am gonna be ordering a salad I would rather just stay home and eat. So it has been an adjustment for sure.

One thing I am noticing is that we are not eating out as much as we use to and many more homemade meals. It is not only better for the budget but better for our health and calorie intake.
I still love a night out at our favorite Mexican food joint but in 6 weeks we have had fast food maybe twice and before this all began we could easily eat fast food 2 times a week and then 2-3 meals out on the weekends at a restaurant.

I am amazed at how fast and how easy it has been to make these adjustment.
I was sure that I would be throwing a fit over not being able to send Jack out for taco bell.
If anything it has made life easier. I had gotten so sick of the "so what are we eating tonight" conversation that would last an hour. Now I know that dinner is at home and I have for the most part had dinner planned all week or at least since the night before.

Currently I weigh on Wednesday. I don't know if that was a subconscious decision. Just in case I blew it over the weekend. Or if that just happen to be the day I started. I think it was the later. But regardless I don't have anything to worry about. I am not eating any different during the weekends as I am during the week.

It's amazing the changes that have been made in just a few weeks. If habits can be broken in 6 weeks. Then new habits can easily be made as well.

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