Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still at it !

Wow - I am averaging about one post a month. I guess I will need to pick that up. I Post,Vlog,Message in so many places it is getting hard to keep track. I have my girlfriend Trish in my ear saying"so when are you going to start that blog". I started quite a while ago. I just need to take the time to make it presentable. OK so where are we... I am in the middle of week 3 of Weight Watchers. In the past as soon as I get to about the end of week 2 I notice I am not writing down what I ate. Which means that I am also not counting points. I am eating and shopping for the same foods. I am also weighing my foods for the most part. I have this great scale that I have had for a few years now. I love that thing. As always I am losing weight with WW. I always have but typically like everyone else I want to see huge losses and when those are not seen. I get board and well....I start eating what I want when I want. I am steadily losing weight. Not huge amounts ! As a matter of fact I am only down 5.5 Lbs in 3 weeks and 1 day. That is almost averaging 2 pounds a week. So I should be happy with that and I am. This past week I had a few bad meals. I had pizza one night and bar food which consisted of a taco and a cheese enchilada. So I knew going into Wednesdays weigh in it may not look good. I had actually been thinking of weighing every 2 weeks. My logic was that it would be true fat loss I would be seeing and not water weight which with me can be up to 2 pounds. So come Wednesday I did not weigh. But once again..My girlfriend trish was saying I should weigh.It better to be able to judge if what I am doing is working..I figure if I am eating right and getting in a workout (which other then housework does not exist) I should have a loss. Well today I just said heck with it and got on the scale. I was down .5lb...Nothing to brag about. Later today about 3 hours later my monthly gift arrived with water weight in tow.. So can I be for sure that it was a true .5 loss..NO ! So I should have waited and weighed next week. At least I did not have a gain. This time around is so different for me. I truly want to lose this weight. No matter if it takes me 2 years or 6 months. It is even not as hard as I had thought it would be. Coming into this I was addicted to sugar. I am still craving it at times. But a bowl of applesauce or a nectarine does the trick. Unlike the bags of starburst I would eat..Thank god I got out of that habit ! So I am still in ONEderland..On my way to my ultimate goal of 140 and getting closer to fitting into my favorite pair of jeans that I am only about 10-15 pounds from fitting into. I am so excited to see the changes. One day soon when I start to notice a change I will start to post the now and then pics.

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