Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Better for weight loss!!!

I have been slacking BIG time in keeping track of what I have been eating for weeks!!
I have been eating the same things. But I can not remember the last time that I
actually logged onto caloriecount.com and logged what I have ate for the day!

Well that all changes today!
I told Jack last night that starting today I was back to calorie counting.

I had a visit with my PCP last week and we talked all about my weight loss
and he was blown away at not only what I have lost but that I have been able to do it during the holidays!

He asked me what it is that I did for exercise. Due to the fact that I have MS and it is harder for me to exercise consistently I always feel like I am not getting enough exercise. He explained that it is actually more beneficial for weigh loss to exercise in smaller increments then larger ones. So say walk for 10 minutes 5 times a days verses 2 miles all at once. He says but now if you are wanting to do it for cardiovascular reasons then doing it all at once is more beneficial.

So I am thrilled! I have one of those treadmills that is either at 10% or 20% incline and is killer! 10 minutes on that and I am drenched! So I am gonna start doing that a few times a day now that I know it is better for weight loss then to be on it for an hour. Before I would get on it for 45 minutes and then I could not get back on for another week!!!

The new year is almost here and I am excited to hear what every ones resolutions will be??
Mine are really already in place. I don't see much changing. As of today I am back to counting calories. My eating won't change and has not changed. I added more grains a few weeks ago. The first week that I added more grains and cut out the honey I lost 2 pounds after being in a plateau for 5 weeks!

I just started my period....ERRRRRR
Tomorrow is weigh day. So I am not expecting much out of that. But I will be sure to report it.
I am just hoping for at least a maintain..


  1. I feel ya! I need to get back to calorie counting too! I use www.myfitnespal.com

    I did some reflecting on 2010 then built my goals for 2011. You are welcome to check out that blog!

  2. I have a new calorie " toy" on my new i-pad, so it's been kinda fun logging all that stuff again.... Like you, I sort of dropped off doing that - not good.. I like the sound of your plan though! Keep up the good work!

  3. Wish you luck with your weigh in girly!!!!!!!
    And I think I need to sign up with that website!!

  4. Good for you getting back on track! I'm very proud of you! Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Good going getting back with the calorie counting. I have never heard that about exercsing. When I feel well, I love to do long, steady-state cardio, but I do it with the intention of improving my cardiovascular system. Good to know!


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