Monday, December 20, 2010

My GOAL string!

I don't know why I get So stressed about weigh-ins!

This morning I stepped on the scale IT IS NOT WEIGH DAY.
But since I have been having scale issues I figured I should weigh more so that I stay on top of it.
Today I weighed 187.5..I mean OMG..I don't remember EVER seeing that number.
I was there I am sure about 5 years ago because there was that Christmas that I fit into a size 13/14 for about a week. I have ONE pair of 13/14 because it did not last long and I have no idea how I even got there and it was gone in a flash. So I never weighed.

When I met my husband I was about 150. At least....I think. Within a year I was up to 200LBS
We married 2 years later and I was wearing an 18 size wedding dress.

I know I will get there. I have NEVER wanting something so bad in all my life.
But this is not a temporary thing. It does not end once I get to 140. So why am I so stressed??
As I sit right now I have NEVER seen the number 187 on my scale!!!!
That is just AMAZING and so exciting.

This is so much fun to see the scale go down and down. Even if it is slow moving.
If I gave up today and said I am gonna go buy a cheesecake. I guarantee you I would put all the weigh back on in one week. I know my body. Why would I do that to myself?? For cheesecake? I mean think of how ridiculous that sounds! But we have ALL done it before. Yours may not be cheesecake. Mine is cheesecake, mexican food and ice cream. I am still having the last two but in a healthier way. So I don't feel deprived and I am still loosing weight!! Imagine that!

I took some NEW before pics. The one that I have was taken at 203 and in dark clothing. So as time goes on you and I would not be able to see the difference.
So I took pics in a white top and pink shorts. We also took pics of my husband because he too needs to lose weight. For him I think it is just cutting his portions. I have seen him lose weight and he is very capable!

I have a friend whom is a also a fellow blogger and I tell her a lot so sometimes I sit here and think did I blog about that already? I get confused if I blogged about it or told her about it..Hahaha

A couple of nights ago I got down my "string" I made this string early summer to mark my progress and my gaols. So if it is not showing on the scale as much as I would like it to. I mean I have lost over 20 pounds!!! That is just amazing. Then I pull this string down which is hung in my kitchen over my apron and I placed it around my waist. At the time I just marked a couple black GOAL dashes on what is actually cooking yarn. I was over the moon excited to see the difference. Even Jack was amazed at the difference. So even if I don't see the scale moving as much.That "string" tells the story.
I even sit some nights on my laptop on my sofa at night and I can tell a difference in my stomach. There is no longer that roll to balance my laptop on anymore.

This will be the first beginning of the year that I am already eating healthy,losing weight and have goals in place. How awesome is that!


  1. WOW!!! I am so so so excited for you girly!!! And WOW look at that string!! I should totally pull mine out... I wanted to wait though until I lost a bit more!! You are doing an amazing job!!!!!

  2. WOWOWOWOW!! That IS awesome!! Great job - I'm proud of YOU!!

  3. I love the "string theory". I'll try that! :)

  4. I LOVE this string theory! Mind if I use your idea and try it??


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