Friday, December 3, 2010

December Goals

It's time to make some December goals.
December is the most important month for me to stay on track.
In past years I do a TON of baking which I will do to this year. Only difference is that I will NOT be eating any of it.

I have taken pretty much all of November to research,read and decided on what my goals and changes should be for December.
I have been on this journey for a while now and not seeing the weight loss that I believe I am capable of.
So time to make some serious changes.

Starting at the absolute very least Monday I will be applying all these new goals..


Whole grains. This includes Breads,Pasta,Tortillas, Rice...Anything that is a carb will be a whole grain. I have even found a new product that I want to try called Quinoa. I have never had it that I know of and it has lots of vitamins and protein.
So ABSOLUTELY NOOOOO white flour...Or what I would  call "WHITE" foods.. Other then potatoes.

Fruit  For breakfast every morning it will be fruit. This is one thing I am taking from the book Skinny Bitch. You start out with one piece and if still hungry you have another at the max of 3 and then breakfast is over. This is good for me for a few reason. My meals are not typical of most people and because of fatigue I sleep much more then the average person. Breakfast dinner and lunch seem to be within a  10-12 hour period. By having fruit for breakfast and a light lunch. It will be easier to stick to my calories.


Breakfast  The fruit I mentioned
Lunch  A LARGE green salad with a ton of veggies and a lean protein. Chicken, Tuna, Turkey..You get the idea..Organic produce will be worked in.

Dinner Lean Protein,Whole Grain Pasta,Rice etc... It must be whole grain.
2 servings of vegetables. This can be a side salad and a fresh cooked veggie like Broccoli.Or just two cooked vegetables. Plus a BIG glass of Water

Snacks This will be the most significant change because I am cutting out the sugar.
Ever since I started this Journey I have still been having ice cream. I made big changes. I cut out the pounds of candy I was eating and full fat ice cream. But something tells me that eating ice cream is hindering my weight loss.
So snacks will consist of fruit and applesauce,nuts..If anyone has any good ideas on snacks please let me know.

NO MORE SODA....For the first time EVER me and Jack are both cutting out the Diet Coke.
NO LESS THEN 120 Ounces of water each day. This will be 4 of my green Jugs.

Walking no less then 2 miles each and every day.

So far these are my December goals. I am sure over the next few weeks I will make some adjustments or additions. But this is the way my meals will continue to be laid out. If anything I will just add new healthy food products that I find.


  1. Goals and rewards are what helps keep you motivated!!! and then looking the mirror at the new skinny you... is a bonus!! :)

  2. I love the goals you set for December. Good luck and I am enjoying your blog posts!


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