Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I went shopping today!

After reading the book Skinny Bitch I knew that I wanted to change up what I have been eating.
I think our bodies get use to eating the same foods..So hopefully by eating these foods I will be healthier and start to drop more weight!

I have never been a big fish eater. I guess because I just always chose the more unhealthy option. I always looked at fish as a health food..Not something that could be tasty. I have NEVER bought salmon this is the first..

I also read that quinoa is very healthy and has more protein then any other grain.

I have been hearing for years that still cut oatmeal is the best for you. I think I heard it first on Oprah but have never bought it before. I just love Oprah..I hate this is her final season!

This is my favorite Stir Fry..And of course California vegetables are really filling!
The Chicken will be great to add to salads for lunch..To think for years I would never allow my husband to to buy pre-cooked chicken. I always thought it was a waste of money!


  1. I'm shocked you have never had fish... You seem like the "try it once" kind of gal... I personally, love Salmon and Tilapia. I like Cod, HATE trout... I wish you the best of luck!! hopefully you enjoy them... :)

  2. LOL..I have had fish many of times..I just never have ordered it in a restaurant and I typicaly dont buy it but have..I am more of a seafood kind of girl. "see food and eat it" KIDDING...I love shrimp! Salomon I may have tasted once when a friend of Jacks that lives in Alaska sent us some that he caught that was YEARSSSSS ago!

  3. Good food choices! I love fish, love quinoa, and LOVE steel cut oats! Yes, and I hate that this is Oprah's last year too LOL!

  4. Let me start by saying I agree with you...My aunt in my mind Oprah will be missed but I will definitely tune into her new channel, to see what she has going on in January. I have been eating fish only for the past 8 weeks and it has been the best thing I have ever done. Let me know what you think about the quinoa and maybe a dish that you made with it. I'd like to see if I can incorporate it in my eating routine. have you thought of reviewing the book skinny bitch?

  5. Loveofmylife...I read an article on Oprah yesturday and about her new channel and what progrmaing will be on it..You can probably google it.We LOVED the quinoa. I simply made it plain and had chicken breast and veggies. It needs salt and pepper to taste. I wanted to try it plain before I added anything to it..I have talked about Skinny Bitch a little here and there but have not done a REVIEW POST..Good idea though...


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