Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mom has come for a visit

Good Morning!

WoW it's been a busy couple of days with my mom here. But not really..LOL
We have been pretty much just been laying around the house chatting, watching movies or OUR favorite TV shows. We both love reality TV. We both love watching shows like Kendra or housewives of ? ( Just about all of them)
Does anyone ever watch Mike and Molly?? I love that show and we watched it last night but not before I explained the whole controversy surrounding the show. If you are not familiar do a google search for Marie Clair Mike and Molly article. Oh heck I will just give it to you..DUH !!
Marie Claire

Tomorrow is weigh day and I am not nervous what so ever. If anything I am just anxious. I really want to know if I have a loss or what it is.
I have done SO good this week. It has been one of my better weeks even with my mom here!
She usually eats pretty healthy but she does like to have snacks. I don't really have snacks. I have fruit for snacks. So last night Jack stopped to buy wheat thins and cheese..
I guess 3 months later I have gotten use to not having snack food. I had two wheat thins while making dinner last night because she had it out but that was it.
So I am quite proud of myself!

Today we plan to get out and go into town since she has never really been here. She lives here in AZ with me but I live in a small town 45 minutes from her.
So I am gonna take her in town and take her to the small boutiques and just drive around a bit and maybe have lunch.

I am really looking forward to weighing in the morning..I just feel thinner this week. I know sounds crazy..So here is to hoping and of course you all will be the first to know ( :


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I bet your weigh-in will be fabulous! :)

  2. Sounds like you've been doing great, can't wait to hear the good weigh-in news! :)


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