Saturday, December 18, 2010

My way of eating

OK..I needed to do one more blog tonight

First off I know how to eat.
I have read just about every diet book.
My husband did Body for Life and was successful!
I have also been successful at losing weight but just never stuck with anything very long.
I do not believe that one way of eating or one plan works for everyone.
You may do low carb and that works for you or high protein.
When I started this way back in June I started with doing weight watchers once again and once again I quit but I did lose...some
It was not until I decided to count calories that I realized that I had to do what works for me.

So I get that "they" say to have 5-6 meals
That you should have protein for breakfast and not skip lunch.
I get all that and for some of you that may work.
If you read skinny bitch it is ONLY fruit for breakfast and that is what works for me.
I don't have a set regimen. I don't have 6 small meals or eat BLD and snacks.
I eat when I am hungry. I eat NO PROCESSED FOODS.
I pretty much eat WHOLE FOODS.
If your great grandmother has no idea what the heck it is I don't eat it!!!

That pretty much is my plan. Lot of fruit,veggies,lean protein and natural sugar.The way it is suppose to be. So no matter how I ingest it or at what hour I just make sure that I stay at about 1200 calories.
I am far from perfect. Some days I go over and many days I go under.
I also am not very active. I also sleep a lot more then the average person.
So having less wake hours means there are less hours in the day to eat.
That can be a good thing. I use to have insomnia pre-eating healthy and I would sit up all night and eat. I started eating healthy and what would you know??? I now sleep!!
But since I have fatigue so bad from the MS I am only up about 12 hours. Try fitting 6 meals into 12 hours.
I am NEVER hungry at lunch and if I do have lunch I am not hungry for dinner and I miss the only meal I have with my husband.

So as you can see. It works different for everyone for different reasons.
Don't get me wrong...I appreciate all the advice but felt I should explain my reason for the way I do things.
I may try add a very small something mid day. But eating when I am not hungry just won't happen.

Oh and if I drink any more water I think I will float away.
120 ounces is more then enough.
Talk with yah later..I have to pee (  :


  1. For one, 120 oz is more than enough. I out weigh you, and I am told to drink around 120-130 oz, however you know my story, I tend to drink a hole hell of a lot more. Two, I totally agree!! I tried WW, and lost a little bit, but wasnt perfect at it, and HATED doing points. I love counting calories vs points. I know they are both super similar but, I feel more incharge with calories, for whatever reason. Three, having MS is going to make this difficult, you were prepared for that. And I eat lunch every now and then, because my breakfast is so filling I am not hungry... why eat if you are not hungry? isnt that what made me fat?? Ugh, YAH!! So I think, just stick with your plan. Do what is and has been working for you! Toss in a change here and there and I am sure you will be back on track again. No one is perfect, everyones body is different, and we all have our own method to our diet madness!! You just keep on keeping on!!

  2. yah 120 oz is AWESOME! I thought I was proud of myself for drinking 60 oz but you're really doing 120? GO YOU!

    Also, I posted the hobbit day stuff before reading this so I want you to know that I understand completely that dieting is individual. In fact I look at dieting the same way I look at religion. If it's right for you and it works for you and you're not blowing anyone up in the process, GO FOR IT! :)

    I actually wish I could sleep more ... I fall asleep easily but wake up 5 or 6 times a night just to look at the clock and then spend 20 minutes trying to go back to sleep. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep contributes to obesity so I am not convinced that your sleep habits are a bad thing. I mean, if we think about ourselves as a species, how we have been designed over millenia of evolution ... it is highly unlikely that prehistoric man walked around in the dark all night so sleeping once the sun goes down is probably an evolutionary factor of our species that we ignore now because of electricity.

    I think you're doing positively lovely and the fact that you self-evaluate and adjust is evidence that you're on the right path. The single most important step is to honestly evaluate your method, compare it to your success, and adjust if needed. It's the people who stop doing those things that ultimately fail because they become stagnant and stagnation is basically the same as giving up. You're not stagnant, therefore you're succeeding, even if seems frustrating at time.

    AND, most importantly, we're here for you. Most of us have had to post disclaimers on our own blogs just like this post here on yours. It's ok to choose your own path and expect others to deal with it ... it's your life. Those of us who stick around do so because we respect you and are proud of your accomplishments. Anyone else can suck it. :)

  3. Firstly, kudos to you for basically telling people to keep their comments about "your way" to themselves.. we are all in this, and nothing is cookie-cutter about losing weight.. if it was, we'd all be skinny, now wouldn't we?!

    Secondly, one of my clients has MS (before him, I knew NOTHING about MS) and he leads a "clean" lifestyle.. he does what you do (fruits, veggies, lean meats) and takes it to the max.. he does the glutten free stuff and doesn't eat red meat and pork.. and takes 100's of vitamins a day.. So I applaude you for even ATTEMPTING to do this, let alone succeed! :)

    Thirdly, you are doing awesome.. I hope you keep working at it.. and I look forward to reading more.. :)


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